This is Why You’re Still Frustrated w/ Your Golf Swing

Golf can be FRUSTRATING! Especially if you’re getting horrible instruction, and let me tell you, there is far more BAD instruction out there than anything else.

The reason is a serious lack of training in the industry for teaching professionals. A Rotary Swing Certified Instructor goes through rigorous study and testing before being allowed to wear the RST badge and unfortunately when you go through the PGA program, your primary focus is on learning how to run a golf course business, ie. agronomy, cart management, financials, how to manage a staff and inventory.

Very little time is left over in a 2 year course on how to teach golf and golf instruction is the most challenging aspect of all!

If you’re tired of being frustrated with your game, come to and learn from the most highly trained professional golf instructors in the industry.

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  1. As a new member of RotarySwing website, I found this a very concise and fascinating view of how to instruct a new Golfer like me. My swing has already changed and improved within just a month. Looking forward to practicing my winter regiment in my golf room.