Tiger Woods breaks down his final round 64 at 2018 PGA Championship

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  1. Well it sucks that it took Tiger almost 10 years since the scandel to finally rebound!?? Smh. 10 years of his physically prime is gone bc of his mental weakness! How The fuck do you just forget how to ride a bicycle!?

    How do you go from the best golfer in the world by far to the worst overnight and all bc the world found out that you cheat on your wife and you are not wjo they thought you were!? I am a big Tiger fan but Tiger is done. He cannot be consistent for 10 years now. He may win 1 or maybe 2 more but he wont break the record!

  2. From someone who has had 2 spinal fusions, I never thought Tiger would contend in a major again. Beyond impressive, pretty inspirational.