Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis- by Craig Hanson You Tubes Top Online Trainer.

Craig Hanson Golf Swing Analysis of Tiger Woods. Please visit http://craighansongolf.com for more videos

This is a golf swing analysis of Tiger Woods. He has been working very hard over the last couple of years. In this video I compare the Tiger Woods Swing from early 2000 to 2012 and show you some interesting difference.

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  1. I like too how all those guys do the complete opposite of coming over the top. They kind of get in a position that allows the club to just swing through. I think that's really the most impressive thing about the swings. There is just an irresistible urge to try and drive through the ball with the club and hence come over the top of it. Such a hard habit to break.

  2. i was watching Tiger with interest at the Turkish Airlines event in Belek, after watching this I am almost convinced that Tiger is now receiving irons that are flatter than he had in the past. The position of the shaft is so much more consistent in relation to its original starting point compared to it in the 2000 era. A remarkable change compared to the Haney era. Nice work Craig. 

  3. Foley has not only ruined Tigers swing, turning him into a "Stack and Tilter" , he has now ruined his back….. Anyone who knows anything about Golf and the swing would know by teaching a player to stay so stacked on their back swing and then to PUSH their low back'left hip forward at such an alarming level on their downswing is most likely going to cause tremendous low back strain…… coincidence?? Tiger never really had low back issues prior to Foley.

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