Tiger Woods New Putter!! TaylorMade Ardmore 3 + New Ping Forged i500 Irons – Tech Weekly

In this week’s Tech Weekly we look at Tiger Woods switching out of his infamous Scotty Cameron and look at the new Titleist TS2 TS3 Fairway woods and the Ping i500 Irons.

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  1. Those i500 irons look 😍😍
    Interested to see how they perform and what people think of the feel too. Especially compared to the PXG irons And TM P790.

  2. Those ping i500 irons look waaay too much like a copy of the Taylormade P790. Other than the finish, the shape, screw in the toe and all are identical. As far as the putter…. golf is about 85-90% mental anyway. You have to like the LOOKS of your clubs, the feel of them and your confidence or you will not pay them well, so for Tiger to switch to this putter, is fine. It does not matter if the putter was a no name $50 one if it holes more putts.

  3. Hey Peter! Awesome channel. Watching from Australia. When I turn pro I'm going to visit you guys.

  4. “Why is that picture over his left should all cracked and broken?”
    Oh…my screen is cracked🤦‍♂️

  5. Watching from Springfield, Missouri. I've gone from blade putter to mallet putter then back to a blade. I think it's what suits your eye and style. Those pings sure look beautiful.

  6. There's a video you should check out where a golf pro plays old clubs and almost birds four in a row… When it comes to the equipment, it's absolutely mental. The problem with a historic club is expectation. He needs to just be in the moment and focus on the process.

    I hope you and rick have a blast; sounds like so much fun!

  7. The biggest difference I've noticed with Tiger is not the putter, but the sound when he hits full shots. He once again sounds like Tiger Woods. His Sunday round was just stellar and could have been even better.