Tiger Woods Pro Shots Action Figure “Winning Putt”

Even when immense pressure bears down on him, Tiger Woods remains as focused as he is on the first hole of a tournament. Tiger’s incredible concentration is particularly apparent on the green, where he’s completely locked in on the goal of getting the ball in the hole on his next shot. This even includes employing occasional body English – such as finger-pointing a path for the ball – to get his way. Now it’s time for you to get in the zone with Tiger through this new Pro Shots action figure, which depicts Tiger following his shot into the cup. The action figure, which measures 6″ high, and its base are constructed of durable PVC. This figure is one of the first two Tiger 6″ figures ever created by Upper Deck (see the other Tiger Woods Pro Shots Figure depicting the multiple majors winner celebrating with his trademark fist-pump). Don’t miss out – order this cool collectible now

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