TigerShark Premium Takedown Recurve Bow |LIMITED TIME SALE| available with Stringer Tool | weights 25-60 lb | LEFT or RIGHT HAND | ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED

Introducing the all New Southwest Archery TigerShark Takedown: with premium quality wood, this bow is a piece of art.

This impressive TigerShark Takedown Recurve Bow is recognized as the third generation upgrade from the Samick Sage, is quickly becoming the go to bow for new archer’s.

Featuring an all new, elegant, satin finish riser, improved rounded edges and limb pockets, fast-flight compatible, reinforced limb tips and improved flush limb bolts it closely resembles most high end bows, but with the advantage of an affordable price tag.

Top Quality at the Best Price

Don’t take our word for it. Do your own research and find out for yourself. This first class takedown recurve bow comes at the lowest price and makes itself affordable for all archery lovers.

Versatility at Its Finest

Extremely versatile and efficient, it’s no wonder why the takedown recurve is the preferred bow of Olympic archery athletes.

With its removable limbs that allow for easy transport and storage and its lightweight design, this convenient takedown recurve bow is completely portable. Whether its field, target, outdoor sports archery or bowhunting that you’re up to, you can simply pack

it up in your backpack and you’re ready to go.

Choose Wisely and Save Money in the Long Run

Do not waste tons of money on questionable quality archery bows only to replace them soon afterwards. Buy from a TRUSTED BRAND and make a true VALUE FOR MONEY purchase.

With our 1 year manufacturer warranty (USA only, when registered on SWA website) and our excellent customer service and continuous support, you have nothing to lose.

Waste no more time.

Get Your Very Own TigerShark Takedown Recurve Today!

Product Features

  • NEW RELEASE, SPECIAL PRICE FOR LIMITED TIME! DESIGNED BY THE SAME ENGINEERS OF THE SAMICK SAGE (manufacture is Southwest Archery); this TigerShark 3 piece Takedown Recurve Bow is a piece of art. By combining 4 different high strength woods, we have come up with a beautiful bow that you will be proud to own for a lifetime. With fast-flight compatible, reinforced limb tips and improved flush limb bolts, this new model is the right choice for anyone looking to get into archery.
  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TIGERSHARK AND SPYDER: Main difference is in the woods used, also all accessorie bushings on this bow are black, compared to brass on the spyder. The limbs for this bow are interchangeable with the Spyder limb and also limbs for the Samick Sage.
  • EXTRORDINARY QUALITY AT A GREAT PRICE BACKED BY AN INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY. The TigerShark is a 62 INCH bow, with a draw weight of 29-60 lbs that can easily be used by both beginners and advanced archers, RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED. Dare to compare; Southwest Archery is a ground breaking archery brand who is rivaled by none. You will find our bows go head to head with brands that are twice the price.
  • 4 ITEM KIT: Included in the kit you will find a 3 piece takedown recurve bow that is easy to carry with you, an Allen wrench to help you assemble, a dacron bow string and an arrow rest. OPTIONAL REQUIRED STRINGER TOOL included in the package if needed. Don’t hesitate to check out our wide selection of OPTIONAL PACKAGES with additional archery equipment and BONUS GIFTS available on Amazon and our Southwest Archery website and find the right kit for you.

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  1. Bought this bow a few months ago (29#) to get something lighter weight for working on form and getting my son into shooting. I am very pleased with the bow. It shoots really well. I did change out the bowstring to a D97 flemish twist. The dacron string that came with the bow was a little noisy and tended to vibrate each shot. The new string really quieted things down. I chose to shoot off the shelf instead of using the arrow rest which has worked out well. I have recently purchased…

  2. Decent bow, but it looks like a 4th grader with a pen handles writing the serial numbers on the limbs. I like the overall weight and style of the bow. Riser feels solid, bow has a nice balance to it. My only complaint with this bow is the fit and finish. Yes, the riser looks nice… Yes, the limbs fit tight and are properly aligned… but why craft such a nice looking bow and then have someone with terrible hand writing scribble the serial numbers on the edges of the limbs with a pen? Please see the pictures. There is plenty of room behind the aluminum frame to hide the serial number…. you can…

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