Time the release in your golf swing. Part 1

This video shows you the first way to delay the moment of release in your golf swing.

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  1. Jonathan
    Thanks for taking the time and cost of putting out these fantastic videos
    At last someone with great insight that is trying his best to show us hackers why we struggle
    bobby bobbejaan will come back to this video one day and a lightbulb might go on in his or her head but
    I very much doubt it.
    Please keep the vids coming thousands of golfers are starting to appreciate your efforts
    Tim Hayes

  2. fantastic work Jonathan, thank you very much…I am an avid student of the golf swing and watch many videos on youtube for interesting theories on the swing. I play off 7.6 at the moment but am working to get lower – your content is helping further my understanding. Cheers

  3. this is true. however people are not uncoordinated idiot. The reason this wont work for them is the wrist hinge at the top is not right.

  4. This is a really good tip, and something I've never really thought about doing.
    I've imagined what type of shot and where i want it to land, but not from the moment of impact.
    Will definitely be trying this.

  5. He's right about what to do and yet does such a poor job of explaining how to make it happen. You can see the shot in your mind all day long, but if the correct mechanics are absent you're just another hacker struggling to break 100 for the next 20 years..I see thousands of people that visualize for the last 40 years of play and still can't hit a solid shot thats compressed.

  6. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!! Saw this video by accident just before my round, a round I was not looking forward to because of my poor play. I have had lessons that did not seem to click. I have watched other videos that did not help. 10 strokes better from previous round. That's without practice. It just made sense. Excited about playing again. Was becoming frustrated with lessons where nothing improved.

  7. Great video tuition, but the last part about imagining your ball flight, doesn't make the swing work.

  8. The most valuable take away for me is stressing the importance of "mind training", in this case, visualizing ball flight for each shot across both practice and contact swings. I that know my mind has been unintentionally trained to treat the two as different entities, and I will use this technique to try and "unify" my swing.

    As far as physical swing fundamentals. I'd be very interested to know Jonathon's thoughts on the teaching theories of instructors (Malaska, Tony Luczac, etc.) who champion an "arms to body" swing, versus the traditional teaching theory of "body to arms".

    Great teaching videos. I appreciate the clear and concise way concepts are explained.