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#TipThursday : The role of the lower body in the golf swing

►#TipThursday explains the role of the lower body in the golf swing and how it can affect power, strike and accuracy.
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Robin Hamilton says:

Great video Andy ????

Malcolm A. says:

Excellent vlog Andy; #TipThursday is a must watch for me

Howie Land says:

Fantastic description and demonstration of the right and wrong lower body movements! Thx Andy!

David Emery says:

Understand the right leg all too well.  Then have to rescue the clubface with early extension.  Problem for a lot of golfers.  I've shortened my swing slightly and started my transition with a slight squat and it helps me.  Nice work Andy.

Laurent Scotta says:

Good point ! Had never heard about the relationship between the right leg extension and the over the top move in any video before. That looks so obvious now !

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