Titleist Pro V1X vs Titleist Velocity – Expensive Golf Balls vs Budget Golf Balls!

Titleist Pro V1X vs Titleist Velocity – Expensive Golf Balls vs Budget Golf Balls! We all spend a small fortune on new the latest golf equipment. Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers, Taylormade M3 drivers, Mizuno forged irons, the latest PING Sigma 2 Putters, but whats the only equipment that we all use on EVERY SHOT. A few weeks ago I did a trackman Titleist ball fitting with an expert fitter To see which ball in the range offers me the most feel, consistency… and DISTANCE.

These fittings can find out which I the best golf ball for distance, which is the best golf ball for mid handicaps, which Is the best golf ball for high handicap. which golf ball should YOU play?
Now I’m taking these golf balls on the golf course to test them. TITLEIST PRO V1 VS TITLEIST VELOCITY.

How do budget golf balls compare to expensive golf balls? lets find out… and lets do it now

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  1. Im a regular user of ProV1x. I have tested the Velocity and thought the same, the shots in and around the green is were the big difference is. I have also tested the Tour Soft, in my opinion there was minimal difference between ProV1x and Tour Soft on all sorts of shots.

  2. Velocity isn't exactly Titileist's bottom-of-the-barrel golf ball. Here in the USA, they cost a little more than half as much as the Pro V1 line. I haven't purchased any Velocity, but I have found a few, and thought they performed just fine for me.

    If you wqant "Expensive vs Cheap" try a Pro V1x against a Pinnacle or Slazenger.

  3. Hi James, great video. Do you think you chipped closer with Pro v1x due to the fact that it's the ball you already play. I'm sure with a few rounds with the velocity, you would do the same. I play chrome soft summer, and switch to Wilson dx2 optix in the winter due to the soft feel and bright colours. Don't notice much difference in scoring if I'm honest and the Wilson cost £15 a dozen.

  4. Currently looking for a new ball, but with another brand and currently I am finding the lesser priced ball seems to suit my game. As you say, gets down to personal feel and playability.

  5. Great video, have tried this type if test before but in my opinion (humble) it's about how familiar you are with the ball you use. If you use the same ball always, it will (I suspect) perform the same. Obviously most expensive balls will perform better than least expensive ones, will a better player get more out of a ProV1 than a mid to high handicapper?
    Great video again!

  6. having played both balls, I can say that yes, you will see a difference..(without watching the video) the velocity is pretty hard, almost as hard as top flite, and doesn´t really give much feel around the greens.. the proV1 is brilliant, but yes expensive.. it all comes down to how many balls you lose in a round.. now let´s hear your opinion 🙂

  7. They must of changed the makeup of the Velosity a TON , as I had some one 3 years ago give me 2 dozen for a Birthday present and those things were like hitting ROCKS !!!! I gave the damn things away they were so bad feeling !!!

  8. I like to play Pro V1x balls as I like to think, why not use balls pros use? Any advantage etc
    However I buy them used off ebay. Can usually get 24 for less than 30 quid! I don't need them to be brand new, I'm not that good 🙈

  9. I find Wilson DX2 soft are great low compression balls for cold weather , for the average golfer ( driver swing around 90mph ) you can get up to an extra ten yards off the tee and very soft feel.

  10. The small differences in balls won’t affect my game. As someone else said, you will learn to play any ball around green over time. Tour players might need to worry about this. I buy mid priced balls as I like the sound/feel on and around the green over cheap balls. I buy 20 to 30$ balls when they are on sale.

  11. You should have hit your gamer first. Your follow up with the Velocity would have unconsciously used X feels during the shot. You would have likely blasted long on every shot.