Titleist Prov1 VS Budget Golf Balls

http://txg.ca โ€“ We tested the Titleist Prov1 against popular “off-brand” balls to see how they stack up in performance. Can you get similar performance from a golf ball that’s less expensive?

Titleist Prov1: $49.99
Snell MTB: $31.99
Oncor Elixr: $35.00
Vice Pro+: $34.95

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio โ€“ Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

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  1. Did a ball fitting with Cam last summer and ended up with the Snells. Canโ€™t say enough about how good they are and at the price point really canโ€™t be beat!

  2. Bought 3 TP5 balls to try out on the course. Absolutely loved the feel until I had lost 2 on the front 9. Yep, sticking with cheap balls till that ball loss rate decreases…….

  3. The Snell MTB black and red are great. I went with their trial pack and liked red for the extra short iron, greenside extra spin. Definitely a great ball especially for the price.

    I'm guessing you guys used the Snell black, or the original MTB (original is basically what the black is now but with a touch lower compression).

    As always great content you guys are putting out.

  4. Hello guys, iam a big fan of your you tube video. i have a question on hitting down on your irons. is it true that the more you hit down on your irons you have to have an open stance to allow the path to be neutral at impact. i say a clip on d-Plane from Sean Foley. thts why iam asking the question. i always miss shot is straight right. i divots with all my irons. all my divot start on target but finish right side but not a slice. any tips u can give me to why this could be. iam a right handed player. i play srixon z45 2&3 irons, z765 irons 4-9 irons and RTX 3 wedges Pw- Lw with nippon 980 stiff flex shaft. Standard length n lie. thanks.

  5. What type of problems in the swing do you guys see in people who used to play baseball that blade the ball a lot

  6. Iโ€™ve played Snell MTB Red and Prov1X and like the ProV1X better. I do have a dozen of the black coming this week and will try that.

  7. Direct to consumer brand balls. Most are as low as $24.99 when purchased in multi dozen.

  8. Great video! Maybe going forward the Srixon's Q Star Tour is a budget ball that works well for slower swing speeds. A video going forward on the improved performance with mid handicap swing speeds.

  9. great Video guys, I would like to see the Bridgestone B330 and 330S against the Prov 1 and 1X

  10. Oncore is out of Buffalo. Locally here theyโ€™re sold for 23 a dozen โ˜บ๏ธ

  11. Excellent job fellas! can you do a distance ball like the snell drive, volvik velocity? and others?