TomTop Golf Swing Plane Guide Trainer

– The Best Full Swing Training Aid
– Get Your Golf Swing on Plane
– Improve Accuracy and Distance
Hit It Further and Straighter
The Tom-Top Swing Guide will help get your golf swing on plane. What is the importance of being on plane? The reason a golf ball flies left or right of the target is due to a golf swing off plane. That is a problem of most amateurs.How it works? Set the Tom-Top about an inch below your bottom index finger (right index finger for right-handed players). At the top of the golf swing your left arm (right-handed player) will fit perfectly in the Tom-Top Swing Guide. If it doesn’t then you know you’re off plane. Simple as that.
Tom-Top is easy to use and inexpensive
– Avoid “across the line” or “laid off” positions
– The simplest training aid to improve your accuracy
– Easy to carry in your bag and use at anytime
Improve Your Golf Game TODAY!!!

Product Features

  • Swing Guide Trainer
  • Golf Training Aid
  • For all ability levels
  • Left or Right Handed players

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  1. Great Swing Guide I’ve had a Swingyde in the past and this thing seems pretty darn similar. Mine came with a screw, nut, and wing nut. If you put the screw all the way in the nut and place the screw/nut in the hole, you can then place the wing nut on so that you don’t have to use tools.Some other reviewers stated that this won’t work with oversize grips. That’s not really true. The only reason it won’t work is because the screw is too short. I went to Lowes and picked up a M5 hex screw (1″…