Tony Finau’s Golf Swing Analyzed by David Leadbetter | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

Tony Finau’s golf swing gets analyzed by golf instructor David Leadbetter.

[Narrator] Tony Finau, a young man I’ve had the pleasure
of working with for a period of time a few years ago.
What a talent this young man has.
Man, does he hit it.
Big wind up, I really like the fact that his winding,
his upper body finishes the back swing not the arms.
Very compact look.
We can see such a simple look.
Unleashes his lower body,
gets a little up on his right toe but great lag
and man, does he unleash the power into,
he is so long, this kid.
I mean, he’s really reigned it in the last few years
and he’s starting to become a real player.
So, let’s look at this angle with Tony Finau
who works with Boyd Summerhays out in Salt Lake City.
Great set up, I mean, I really love the positions that
he’s got the club in at his wrist,
works it away, no frills,
nothing wasted there, simple top of the back from position.
Look at that face position.
See how that hangs?
That’s a square position, folks.
Starts down, club just shallows out in a perfect position
to really deliver all the power to the ball.
You might say maybe a little bit flippy though the ball
but my goodness does he hit it
and a great future predict for this young man.

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Tony Finau’s Golf Swing Analyzed by David Leadbetter | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

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  1. Good lord, can we get someone qualified to talk the swing and not a marketing guy? Leadbetter knows how to sell but lacks substance.

  2. is he chocking down a bit? you can see a bit more of the butt end than typical on DTL finish

  3. Watching his swing doesn't help me at all lol. Wish I was so tall and swinging effortlessly.

  4. That is just effortless power – what a player. David's voice is also so soothing which makes it better to watch 🙂

  5. shoots -7 day one at the 2018 farmers insurance, finishes -8 on Sunday

    long hitting is truly just for show

  6. stuck before impact, 50% Fairways, yea, good compact talent package with Leadcurse