TOP 10 IRONS 2017
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  1. Totally agree with all the Srixon lovers. I've been playing them for 2 years and I've probably hit every other popular club on the market. There is absolutely no better combination of feel, distance, and forgiveness than Srixon.  The Mizuno 900 series is the only thing that comes close (in my humble opinion).  Also, I think they're by far the best looking line. Forged, Clean, Classic.  Another great thing about them is the older (45) series is practically as good as the current (65) series so you don't feel like you have to go out an buy the latest and greatest because the technology has changed so dramatically. It's very similar to buying a 3 year old Mercedes or BMW that still looks and performs as well as the current version.  Classic doesn't need to be reinvented every year. I love your reviews Rick, but how the Srixon line doesn't make the top ten is totally ridiculous!

  2. I will have to agree with others, ben ross and no srixon…that's just weird. Srixon irons are some of the best feeling and best hitting irons ever. I've got the 545s and love them. Have tried a buddy's 565s and think they are great too. Dropped the ball on this one Rick.

  3. Hi rick. I still play a set of 2010 tm cavity Burner Irons. I get 7 iron right around 163 … My driver swing speed is about 104 .
    I've got 6 lessons and my goal is to get more Club head speed. Do you think I need to change shafts or just work on technique. I have 95 gram shafts … and also have a six iron that is a CB by Titleist. I never filled out that set … but think the CB may be the best set for me after I get more Club Head speed.

  4. Great list Rick. I'm using Bridgestone j15 cb forged irons Great irons but would like to see you review the Mizuno MP18 range. Possibly a shaft test comparison for project x vs lz range. Great reviews all the best from New Zealand.

  5. Hey Rick. I really loved the video. I am a beginner and I really need new irons. My max price range would be around $500. I could maybe do $600. I am a college student at the moment and I am not trying to break the bank either lol. Please let me know if you can help me.

  6. how would you mix up the ping irons? Maybe 3-4 in G400, 5-9 in i200 and PW and Gap in iblade? does this make sense Rick?

  7. anybody else outhere playang Nike sasqatch sumo irons, they only work with a nice slow swing and you have offset in the heads, they work for me with my jack nicklaus sweet swing, I don't get the results of Jack but I'm shooting in the 80's.

  8. Trying to decide between the Taylormade P-790 vs Titleist AP 3 718 Irons. In your opinion which of these two sets offer a 12 handicap better forgiveness with distance?
    Please send me your advice.

  9. Confused that in his M2 Vs Epic comparison the 2 came out equal with the M2 at half the price, yet the M2's weren't on the list the the Epic were? Maybe he would have popped them in at 7-10 but wanted to put the M1's at 2!

  10. I have a few things to add.

    1. I love the look of the Callaway Steelhead Pro irons. I've hit them in a simulator and they feel good too. But, they are no different in size than the non-Pro version. Side by side they are exactly the same size. Sitting behind the ball they do have a thinner top line, which I like. The specs also show them with a 1 degree weaker loft than the non-Pro version, which I also like, and a 1/2 inch longer shaft as standard. Yes, I'm saving my money for a Christmas present.

    2. I'd like to see some Bridgestone irons reviewed. They look interesting if a bit expensive.

    3. I haven't seen any ball reviews or comparisons. That's a very personal thing, but would still like to see some. Right now I play either Bridgestone B330-RX or TaylorMade Project (a).

    4. One more thought. Do some throwback reviews. Hit some old wooden drivers and use a wound ball. It'd be interesting to see your reaction. I'm old enough to have hit those until my twenties.

    Thanks for the videos. Keep them coming.

  11. Hey guys thanks for watching the video! If you enjoyed HIT that like button!
    As I mentioned in the video, this is a list of golf clubs I HAVE TESTED and are still available right now! Some clubs I have not tested so I can not rank them in this list.

    To watch the full videos click here!

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