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  1. How in the world are the Cobra King Forged Tec Black not top of this list? they are sweetest clubs on the market, hands down, best looking, best feel, I'm amazed.

  2. Got fitted with a set of P790s back in march and am playing the best golf of my life with them. Truly a great set of irons

  3. I use the Cleveland Mashie irons as they are my dads old ones as I have just gotten into golf seriously

  4. Mizuno Jpx 825, they are old but they are very consistent and I’ve tried other irons but so far I’m sticking with the Mizunos

  5. I wish there was a P790 like iron for higher handicap. I love this club but it just a little small and the head is a little light for me.

  6. Currently playing Nike pro combo. Decent distance, lovely feel and nice head shape. Marry up well with my Nike engage wedges. Loads of ads Rick, why?

  7. I have the Nike Covert 2.0 irons. I got them brand new for $150. I am still figuring out my swing and these irons will get me through until I am ready to be fitted. #1KClub

  8. I play 718 CB's, more offset than my MP-32's. Hands down for last 15 years, nothing feels better than Mizuno. For anybody reading this, Rick plays X-100 Dynamic Gold. Dynamic Gold shafts promote higher spin. Try these irons in Project X & Dynamic Gold. I have changed to Project X, the feel is different & you have to get used to lighter down shaft weight. If you pure strike the Project X, the flight is penetrating a little higher launch, but the ball gets to apex & just falls to earth a beautiful flight with less spin when it falls on the green. Sorry for short story, I am researching for a book.

  9. You should try and hit a hole-in-one on the simulator as a challenge. Any distance you want!

  10. To the individuals commenting that a certain iron was left out or not high enough on the list, this is Rick's top 10. IMHO there is no iron that is better than another, it's dependent on the individual. It doesn't matter the brand, they all perform well. It depends on what the individual is looking for. Higher spin, traditional looks, traditional lofts, more distance, less spin, etc. It doesn't really matter what Rick's list is, everyone's list will more than likely be different.

  11. rick go to fried eggs golf and watch his most recent golf video!!!!! he mentions you!

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