Top 3 Tips When Getting Custom Fit

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Top 3 Tips When Getting Custom Fit to help you make sure you get the best golf equipment for your golf game. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru highlights some of the biggest mistakes he get to see from golfers looking to buy new golf equipment. Play your best golf and improve your game with simple yet honest advice made for you the golfer.

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  1. Missing the most important elements of proper club fitting:

    Club length,
    Shaft weight,
    Shaft flex,
    Lie angle,
    Grip size

    Talking about dynamic loft delivery is not helpful to the average person shopping for new clubs if the above elements are not taken into consideration.

  2. Some shops use impact tape. But if you put impact tape on in the absense of HMT to see strike location does that affect the shot? It has to, surely? Changing the surface of the clubface must affect energy transfer and spin?

  3. The amount of custom fits that i do for people that turn into lessons is staggering, Strike is king like mark is saying. If you are striking it all over the face (in particular driver) there is no point in spending £300+ on a new driver. £300 worth of lessons with a good teacher will improve peoples golf 10 fold as opposed to buying the latest equipment.

  4. Hi Mark what do you think of the Mizuno DNA fitting system? I thought it was quite interesting when I used it. I would think its a great tool to use on the typical "Mr I need X flex" lol, nice to have something showing different numbers from the swing/shaft.

  5. Think it is way wrong way to go, if I go to buy a new driver and played golf for 25 years once every week – and someone ask me to make changes to get a driver working well. That is the typical way, most golfers will buy the wrong equipment. Yes – many people have swing faults, over the top etc – but most golfers don´t have any big ambitions and don´t want to practice and as soon the have left the range and on the first 1 they again swing the same way, and standing with a driver not optimized.

    So, unless it is a complete beginner, that have not yet developed any real swing, I would prefer if I got optimized for my swing. If I swing like Cra** – then yes, this is how it is. But I want to get this maybe 18 degree driver then to get my balls flying higher

  6. I think you forgot to mention the most important part of a custom fitting Mark. The shaft flex! How else are people on the internet going to know what a long dog I am, unless I tell them that I bought a 1.000 pound XXXXX stiff mega death shaft?!

  7. I have just had a fitting for Mizuno EZ forged, I am hitting more out of the toe so I have gone for 1 degree up right and quarter inch short this has moved the strike to more in the middle and higher up on face have also gone for KBS tour shafts with low kick point, seems to work ok for me.

  8. Those glasses keep sliding down, don't they? You need to get custom fitted for a new pair mate 🙂

  9. I cannot get custom fit. Like my pings I bought 7 years ago,l it would have cost more than I paid for the clubs, just to get custom fit for them, and that does not include the price of the clubs. So unless you are loaded with more money than you can spend, then rest of us, the average golfer cannot afford to get custom fit. Custom fitting was about $100 per club, X's 14. No way. I paid over $1500 for the full set, and would end up paying about $1400 or more EXTRA just to have them custom fit??? I spent all I had just to buy the clubs.

  10. Hi mark I'm an avid follower of your vlogs what's diff for me is I'm left handed I like the look of those clubs the comment goes like sorry sir they don't make left handed how about these.naff clubs cheap…

  11. Hi mark
    When being fitted how much would you let the cosmetics of irons sway you decision ?

  12. Question Mark.

    Whenever I've been in for a fit or just to hit some clubs that I like the look of, I've hit off mats (which aren't always in great nick). If you're getting fit for irons, would hitting off grass give more accurate numbers for delivery of the clubface?

    I'm thinking deflection off a mat may skew the numbers slightly, but if you're hitting the ball first (as you should be) should this negate the mat vs grass debate?

    Do you think that most good fitters would give you the opportunity to road-test clubs out on the course first before committing to buy?

  13. I did à CF this monday and tested 3 diffrent clubbs and titleist AP2 was the best for me 😀

  14. I have just bought a set of irons, 11 month ago I went to a well known retail store (I'm sure you can guess which one) and bought a set of AP1's. I didn't realise the difference fitting would make, I was never offered fitting or any help I was just handed a set off the shelf.
    After reading on the Internet and not being happy with my golf for a reason but I couldn't put my finger on why it wasn't quite working I decided to buy a new set of the 716 AP2's. The shop asked me to take in my 7 iron for fitting, I told them my story and said it is one they are hearing quite often. I ended up buying a set of irons, went from 95 gram regular shafts to 130gram stiff, 1/4 inch longer with 2.25 degree upright and thicker grips. I wasn't rushed, I had it explained why he chose what he chose and it made sense, he put the little bits of paper on a club showed me the improvement of how the club was hitting the floor. So I bought with confidence, I think the fact that from a few swings he told me what was going wrong without my telling him helped a lot. (I was so happy I then bought a new driver which i didn't go in for but it was a bargain haha)
    Only 7 more days until delivery…..

  15. Don't get stuck in the latest thing out carousel. If your clubs are way out of spec that's one thing, but if you like them their probably close and can be tweaked overtime. I got destroyed by a 75 year old dude playing 1980s ben hogan blades. It was an awakening, I don't need new irons. I need more practice and some lessons. It was an honor to golf with that guy, I've never seen so many flushed 2 irons. He really opened my eyes, not just a commercial saying 3mph more ball speed!!! This guy used the tools he had to beat the course, because he was just that good. I could write a whole article on this guy, after one round.

  16. Don't like that you think that the need for shorter clubs has something to do with the skill of a player. Actually it is the other way around. If you have the right length of clubs (depending on length of the arms, body and so on) you can hit the ball better.

  17. Which should a newer golfer do first? Get ball strike consistant or get fitted? Which will have most impact on the other?

  18. Try multiple things! G30 irons I hit terrible but the different paint on the G25's I loved so try it all is my advice and bring a glove and shoes to do so

  19. If your Custom Fitter sends away for your clubs to be built then you have just been Shafted.
    A true Custom fit by a Custom Clubmaker he or she will collect all of the data then build a demo club for you try before fine tuning it, Then and only then go onto build a full set of clubs which are M.O.I matched. Well that is what I do. Kind regards.

  20. Should beginners start out with custom fitted clubs? Assuming they don't have ideal or consistent swings, could this develop bad habits?

  21. Good info. I've been playing for 3 years and my bag is a mish mosh of a few old irons of same make, a blades tour 7, callaway 6, and a 5 ap titelist. 4h, 3h and a driver. Common sense told me to get good w those before I threw in for a custom fit set and me thinks next season is time. People always say your bag looks crazy but I say it's the player not the clubs so interested to see if an upgrade helps. Breaking 80 is my new goal. Should I still buy a used set and get them tailored or go all in on a brand new all me set?

  22. I was fitted for a new Callaway Epic Driver and was assured that the shaft was right to me, I went to Slivermere G.C and they and found me another shaft which gave me another 15 yards.