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5. Best fairway woods 2018: Vertical Groove Golf

Best fairway woods 2018

We’ve been very impressed with both the Vertical Groove driver and 3-wood this year.

It’s no surprise to see them having huge success on the PGA Champions Tour being use by the likes of John Daly Rocco Mediate and Mark Calcavecchia.

There are two versions available a 14˚ Tour and a regular 15˚ model. We tested out the former and we able to get some great numbers.

For me personally, I like to see a flat flight with a 3-wood that doesn’t spin too much and runs out a lot.

Best fairway woods 2018

And that’s exactly what I found with the VGG 3-wood. It frames the ball really nicely and had quite a deep face to make it ideal for use off a tee.
SRP: £229
4. Best fairway woods 2018: Callaway Rogue
We’ve seen Callaway’s Jailbreak technology (two titanium bars connecting the crown and sole) introduced into fairway woods for the first time in 2018.
So I was keen to see if it had improved the performance over the Epic fairways which were fantastic.
Firstly, the look at address of the Rogue is almost identical to the Epic with that sumptuous carbon crown.
I have to say I wasn’t wowed by the performance quite as much as I had expected to be. I wouldn’t say they were any longer or hotter of the face that the Epics.
One thing that always impresses me about Callaway woods is the face – the ball just feels and sounds like it’s absolutely flying off it.
SRP: £269
3. Best fairway woods 2018: Titleist 917
There has definitely been a bit of a double-pronged attack with this one as it’s a club I was fitted into nearly two years ago.
And my colleague Steve Carroll was fitted into it more recently for his season-long testing project.
I’ve always been a huge fan as I love the grey finish on the crown, think it sounds and feels fantastic and the numbers are great.
It also has the added bonus of the SureFit CG in the sole which can really fine-tune the flight.
When a club has a lot of adjustability like (there’s also the SureFit hosel) this it can often take something away from the performance.
But from looking at the numbers, it’s right up there so there’s no trade-off from being able to get properly dialled in.
SRP: £225
2. Best Fairway woods 2018: Ping G400
This club has been in my bag pretty much since it was launched in autumn 2017.
It has a lovely sound and feel off the new maraging steel face and works really well on heel and toe strikes.
I’ve found this club to be really reliable if I need to hit it 220-230 and need to be a bit more accurate than I can be with my driver.
As I’ve said, a 3-wood is very much a driver alternative for me but out of all the models I have tested this year, the G400 fill me with the most confidence when I do hit it off the deck.
SRP: £240
1. Best Fairway woods 2018: TaylorMade M4
TaylorMade fairway woods have been awesome for as long as I have been testing golf equipment.
It was the Rocketballz 3-wood which first introduced me to how good they were. And it seems they’ve maintained the standard and improved on it ever since.
When we test drivers and hybrids, the numbers from every model we test always seem to be pretty close with, at most, a five yard swing either way.
With the fairway woods we tested this year, all models averaged out at about a 220 yard carry. That’s just from me testing them by the way.
But with the TaylorMade M4 it was more like a 235-240 carry. That’s better than some driver numbers I have had this year.
It was exactly the same with the last two iterations of the M2 fairways.
I think the TaylorMade Speed Pocket technology works really well in fairway woods as we/I can have a tendency to strike them low on the face. And that’s where it really helps.

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  1. Over the years I have bought more 3Woods than any other club in my Bag and still to this day (despite custom fittings) I haven't found one that I am confident enough to use! In nearly 40years of playing golf I have probably only hit two 3Wood shots from the fairway that I was happy with (both resulted in Eagles on Par 5`s). These days my club of choice on Par 5`s is my 3Rescue club, it leaves me short but at least I am playing my 3rd shot from the fairway! I am flying to Toronto in the summer for a fitting with TXG, so hopefully Ian Fraser will be able to plug the gap that I have at the top end of my bag.