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Which are the best golf shoes 2018?

I basically live in a pair of golf shoes, I wear golf shoes to the office everyday. I’ll be hitting balls either at the range or out on the course most days too.

So far in 2018, I’ve had the chance to test out golf shoes from all the major manufacturers so I thought I’d pick out my top five from the ones I have tested.

Like with any golf equipment, picking favourites always comes down to personal preference rather than me trying to say that one piece of kit is better than an other.

We all have very specific requirements when it comes to our golf shoes. Some might prefer spiked, some will favour spikeless.

Some will put comfort as the number one priority, others will want the ones which look the best.

For me, I put performance as my number one priority. I think the right pair of shoes can help you make better golf swings and therefore shoot better scores.

Comfort should be a given and if they look great then that’s a bonus for me.

Also, some brands will just fit the shape of certain people’s feet better. People with wide feet might love Ecco but not Adidas or Puma for example.

And remember to take care with sizing. I wear a 9 in FootJoy, 9.5 in Under Armour and 10 in Adidas. You’d think all sizes would be uniform but they clearly aren’t.

Anyway, out of all the shoes I’ve worn and tested so far in 2018, these are my favourites.

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  1. Love my Ecco Biom Hybrid 3’s. By far the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn and absolutely fantastic on the course, never thought I could get superior comfort and performance all in one until I bought these. Another excellent shoe for comfort and performance is the Sketchers GoGolf Pro 2.

  2. Have you also tried the Adidas Tour 360 EQT BOA?
    In regard of stability they are hands down the best shoes I ever tried.
    My feet also love the comfort, and the weight…
    …and I also like the design, and the ease of use.

  3. I’ve got the puma ignites, and they’re the best golf shoes I’ve ever had I’d recommend them to anyone. Great vid btw 👍