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Mark Crossfield talks about his top 5 cure your slice tips for golfers who want to make the change. Lean how to swing the golf club so you hit the longest straightest drives and golf shots. Make shows his most simple and effective golf tips that can help you get your golf club back to the golf ball in a way that will help you control your slice shots.

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  1. 10.5, but it's the 915 D2 so I can take it down to 9.75 if I'm hitting it too high or bump it higher if I'm struggling to get it into the air.

  2. 9.0 degrees. Was getting the launch angle the fitter wanted for my delivery numbers. 10.5 was launching about 20, brought it down to 15. My AoA averages +4. Wishon 919 THI.

  3. 9.5 and for no other reason than my grip sits in the correct place ( golf pride ) and I'm to lazy to get fitted on it and then get my grip moved 🙈😂

  4. 10.5 deg. I used 12 deg before in my fitting/lesson found it lower launch but brought my spin number down for better control and distance.

  5. I use 9.5 driver. I had it set to its original 10.5 but felt like I was hitting it unhelpfully high and losing distance as a result. Notched it down to 9.5 and seems a much healthier trajectory and hit it further. Found I've sliced it less too. Don't fully understand why.

  6. 10.5 degrees is what I use. I've really only just been able to start hitting it well this year, spent time figuring it out. 50% fairways and improving. I have this loft because this is what I was fit for and frankly, I don't have all those numbers down like the fitters do.

  7. I play a Ping Anser 9.5° Ahina shaft s flex 44.75" adjusted to 10° fitted by the Ping van outside range using a gc2. 101mph average swing speed 250 carry depending on strike. 2200 rpm spin

  8. 8.5 degrees with a stiff shaft cobra bio cell pro found that it stops me hitting the ball so high i can actually get back spin when it lands the 8.5 gives me the lower more penetrating ball flight with run on the fairways rather than the dead stop

  9. 8.5 driver and I used to have a 10.5 bit would hit it miles in the air. tested a few drivers at a sports store with test area and the guy who was helping me recommended somewhere between 8-9.5 so i found one on the cheap and hit my driver lower and further since. Not 100% of my numbers between the two but it seems to work for me on course. Stiff flex shaft on both

  10. I have a 10.5 but I don't feel that it is right for me. I feel that I hit up on the ball but I have been told that I need to hit more up on the ball but I already hit a ballooning shot which results in no run out. should I go to a lower degree?

  11. 9 degree driver for me. I hit the ball pretty high with all my clubs so a lower lofted driver doesn't sacrifice much distance like a 10 or 10.5 does

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