TOP 6 Mid handicap irons in 2017 | Review | American Golf

In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor compares the top 6 irons for low to mid handicap golfers from, Taylormade, Callaway, Wilson, Ping, Mizuno and Titleist.

TOP 6 mid-low handicap irons in 2017:

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  1. The Ping G had too much offset which didn't look right for me. Went with AP1's bc they looked and felt great and the distances were consistent … had the Mizuno been out at the time I certainly would have tried them

  2. I Went to American Golf had a personalised fitting and was recommended the Taylormade M2s. Enjoy them very much. I guess 1 man's meat etc. I enjoyed your review, however, again just personal choice, I think performance is key, looks nice to have.

  3. Great review Nick  . I like all the factors you took into consideration , and multiple irons tested.  Will keep an eye out for more of your reviews now that I have found the site and subscribed .  Thanks.

  4. I just hit most of these today and bought the Ping G. The M2s felt, looked, and sounded good … but I couldn't control them.

  5. finally a video with all the info on the clubs that I have interest in. I'm very keen on the g but will have to try out the Wilson after watching this! thank you.

  6. Great, new approach to reviewing. Very comprehensive and understandable for all range of golfers. Good job.

  7. Enjoyed the review, Nick. Thought that a few of the clubs included are aimed at higher handicap players?

  8. I'm glad I watched this video since I'm waiting for my order of Ping G's to come in. I didn't find them the best looking clubs but they were certainly easy to hit, forgiving and had good flight and performance for me.

  9. Have been looking to replace my old x-14 pro series clubs w/ more forgiving clubs. Your review hit on the exact segment
    I've been looking at. Thanksl Nick!

  10. Good review, currently hitting an older set of Wilson Matrix irons, looking to upgrade to a new Wilson set.

  11. Great video, glad someone has finally taken dispersion into rating irons. It all seems to be about distance in most reviews. Would be great to see a review that also shows the club range as in 3-pw,gw,sw,lw. Looking forward to seeing more from you, thanks Andy

  12. Nick, there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of difference between your choice of clubs for game improvers and mid handicappers

  13. There''s a store called "American Golf" in the UK? Seems like that name would deter a lot of potential customers from setting foot in the place.

  14. what load of crap…Typical American Golf. Must have plenty of Mizuno sitting around and can't sell for the outrageous prices you sell at. How does a club get 0 out of five, The company spent thousands of pounds developing a club for some little shop assistant to slag it off. you need to look at your swing as well…..

  15. Where are the Cobra F7 irons, they're awesome, and very compact for a game Improvement iron.

  16. I'll add a few comments even though it is a year after the video. One advantage of Mizuno (which may add cost) is that there are no upgrade charges for shafts or grips. This cost could add at least $20-30 more per club for the other manufacturers. It does come down to feel/performance, and for a few how it looks. I choose feel/performance. I've chosen Mizuno HotMetal KBS Tour 90 regular shaft and play to a 5.5 handicap, I'm 58, although my swingspeed puts me borderline, in a stiff flex shaft, I prefer the feel of the Regular

  17. You shouldn't score for appearance as it's a subjective viewpoint and your no more qualified to give opinions on looks than us. What we are watching this for, is to get a viewpoint from someone with more experience of the all round quality of the club's. Also why does everything have to be scored differently? Why couldn't you like the feel of 2 different clubs and score both 4/5? Seems a very strange way of scoring?!….