Top of the Golf Swing – How to Position the Club Correctly at the Top

Top of the Swing – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to position the club at the top of the golf swing.

Top of Golf Swing Position

The position you get the club into at the top of the backswing is going to largely influence your downswing and the path of the club into the ball. Our backswing should generate and store up as much power as possible but also combine that with control and consistency.

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– If your flexibility allows for it, turn your shoulders and hips until your back faces the target, without moving your feet and knees to much.

– At the top, your left arm should remain completely straight and your head should be at the same vertical level that it was when you were addressing the ball.

– Your body weight should be mostly on your back – right – foot at this point of the swing.

– The shaft of the club should be close to parallel to the ground but not past it.

– If the shaft is pointing towards left of the target, your club is laid off. If the shaft is pointing towards right of the target, your club is across the line.

– Your wrists should be fully hinged at this point and you should feel your body fully coiled, ready for the downswing to begin.

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  1. Watching various instruction video's this one attunes to my needs,i'm a senior golfer and due to age and flexibility can't do a full turn and at last we have one that says you don't have to have a full shoulder turn  

  2. Thanks for all your videos Pete, very clear explanations and instructions.

    I was interested in your comment that towards the top of the backswing, the front arm should stay against the chest, squashing it as you turn and lift to the top. At about three quarters back, my front shoulder wants to lift up towards the chin, pulling the front arm away from the chest, otherwise my arm won't lift much more at all. I have a feeling this is 'cheating' to increase the length of my swing. Could you just confirm that the front arm should not leave the chest at any point during the backswing?