Tour Pro Pitching Technique – LOCKED DOWN!

Quest for the Open – Vlog 125 – In this video I change my pitching technique with the help of Dan Whittaker + take ownership of some pretty awesome blue Boost adidas shoes!

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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  1. Hi Pete sorry but after watching Eleven Sports UK PGA coverage 7-9pm on Saturday I would not want to watch any more of their golf coverage even if provided at no cost, take a look through the Facebook comments if you want confirmation. As you have contacts in the right places could you keep UK golf fans informed as to who will be providing the coverage of the PGA in 2019? After considering a new smart tv I am now thinking a large screen computer is the way to go for watching the golf coverage in the future. Perhaps you could start a new thread "UK golf fans Quest for the PGA" Enjoy you're content, regards john bishop

  2. PGA championship coverage is abysmal… Even featured group coverage is filled with loads of advertisements. Eleven sports is also apsoloutely terrible, all they do is blabber on about anything that isnt to do with golf. This is tons better 😁

  3. 360's all the way for me. As a US Army retiree, I love the slick leather look over the netting. A little polish and they never look old and tired!

  4. Great editing with the shoes. That was awesome. Love your short game. Deadly accurate. Pin seeking ⛳🎯

  5. Another awesome vid. Always love the brilliant sessions with Dan. Can't wait to see the work on flighting wedges! Hey my schedule sounds the same! Let me see…, back; work, back,; work, back. Just kidding, sounds awesome!!

  6. Watching the latest Peter Finch video as I'm about to doze off… Suddenly through my half-opened eyes it seems like he stomped on shoe and it exploded o_O. Wide awake now xD

  7. If Tiger sorts out his putting he'll walk away with it , as for live streaming its ok but the detail analysis that sky gives u makes u wana go out to a nearest Range and try out staff asap , not to impressed with livestream coverage

  8. I think the app is shocking. It doesn't work on Amazon tablet, iOS only works after v10.0 so older tablets don't work. Phone works but can't cast it to tv.
    Also regarding coverage, sky cart is a million times better for interviews, than Seb just asking questions. Sorry but Sky is a far slicker production

  9. PGA coverage, what a joke, a major that very few people have watched, I can stream but I don’t want to as broadband speed is inconsistent