TOUR PRO SCOTT JAMIESON GOLF SWING, Mark Crossfield takes a look at European Tour Player Scott Jamieson’s golf swing and talks about what we can learn from his golf swing. Improve your iron play and your tee shots with some simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills for golfers wanting to play their best.

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  1. come on mark ditch your chipping style -putt/chip with a 9 iron please its more consistent

  2. Rafa cabrera bello is a titleist player, i hope you get his swing, if i could have one swing this would be it (alright, maybe George knudson's) Glad you had the trackman data to back up the 2d images bruh, just saying. Cheers for posting

  3. Girl from Ipanema what's awesome is the lyrics in how well she swings as she walks by…golf and international ladies day done in subliminal comedy! 🤣

  4. Love this video!! In fact a Christmas single should be in your year plan. More strangled cat jingles in all your content!! Only suggestion would be do full speed examples of swing and swing changes as when you break the swing down in stationary movements this is easy for you to understand but not very easy for a layman to follow. It's like doing geometry in French in the mirror!! Or like wiping your bum with your wrong hand!!! Not easy (try it)

  5. Not getting enough coach right now…Dan is a nice chap, but without coach…whats it really all about?

  6. Lovely swing analysis. It really helps my understand the fact that a swing is such an individual thing. I have to remember that only certain things work for me.

  7. I have the EXACT same problem of my right shoulder lifting at the top of my backswing. So far I haven't figured out how to stop it from happening.

  8. Ok, watched this a little while ago and I’m to say you got that flippin’ song stuck in my head

  9. God you're chipping is shit…..good job you know what you're talking about 🙂 🙂 Great stuff as usual Mark

  10. Mark I'm not sure I understand how these pros are generating such high swing speeds. I get that some of them are huge physical monsters but there are plenty of examples of long hitters (McIlroy/Sadlowski) that are not. So where and how do these guys generate the clubhead speed?

  11. Great blog Bruh.
    Really looking forward to more of this type of information.
    Real insight into our great game.
    Keep up the great work 👍

  12. Stop practising from just off the fringe with a sand wedge….chipping is just putting with loft….use less.

  13. Good vid Mark and I appreciate His coach knows him better and is working with him on certain things but would like to hear a tip from you. Another point of view or tip is always beneficial I think.

  14. Great insight into what the Pros are working on – love your content Bruh. Always keeping it fresh 👍🏻