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Chris Ryan helps one of his subscribers by taking a look at their golf swing and explaining what changes can be made in order to improve.

Chris focuses on the trail arm and offers a simple drill that can help you improve your swing.

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Coolness201 says:

I think the first tip will help with the second. It would be difficult to get the arms in front with that tilt. Great video. Nice to see someone tackling a few issues and being more thorough.

Michael Lee says:

Thank you Chris – this was an interesting video, as I was curious as to why i always had some smudge marks from the grip on my right side pocket, and perhaps this has something to do with it.
Much appreciate the tip as always.

neil haggerty says:

wouldn't that downswing feeling cause a dis-connection

uvyas76 says:

Super video and very timely for me!

Steve Olander says:

Awesome Chris. This is such a key to better rotation and creating more space to hit better shots. Infotaining to say the least watching you analyze a swing in your own style. Hope to see more of this.

Leonard Dzubow says:

Excellent instructional video. First time I have learned that the hands travel further away from the body on the downswing on a different line than the backswing. Is this related to left hip rotation, shallowing or something else? Is there some compensation then to prevent hitting on the heel of the club?

Russ Brewer says:

I have been struggling with getting my right elbow in the correct position. I will try this drill tomorrow. Thanks again!

Luke Urquhart says:

do you ever do private lessons??

bloatedman says:

The elbow is crucial.

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