Train For Golf Like an Olympian: Preparation Secrets and Practice Habits of Golf’s Greatest Champions

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“Beginning in my years as a junior golfer, Gary has always had the ability to bring out the best in my game. In this book Gary and Colby explain the foundation of my training that all serious golfers can use.”

—Morgan Hoffmann, PGA Tour, former number-one-ranked amateur in the world, former number-one-ranked NCAA Division-1 ranked collegiate player

“Gary Gilchrist has been my coach since I was 17. He has always encouraged me to reach my full potential and goals as a junior and a professional. He has coached me to improve in every area of my game. In Train for Golf Like an Olympian, Gary Gilchrist and Colby Huffman have detailed the basic blueprint of how I practice which is one of the main keys for preparing to win majors.”

—Shanshan Feng, LPGA Major Champion, reached top five Official World Golf Ranking

With more and more of golf’s major champions preparing the same way as Olympians prepare in other sports, have you ever thought about how they actually work on the different aspects of their games? Or have you ever wondered how often you should practice different elements of your game? Have you ever thought about how often major champions utilize video analysis and work on swing shape relative to ball flight, distance control, and feel drills? Similarly, have you ever wondered how many rounds major champions play between tournaments or how often they do preshot routines and what they think about? We will answer these questions and more in Train for Golf like an Olympian, so you can bring your A game to the first tee.

This is your access to an authentic look at the training insights and practice secrets of top-ranked players at all levels, including major champions. This book provides a detailed blueprint that has been laboriously researched, tested, utilized, and proven over the past two decades. It presents the best training plans covering all aspects of the game ever assembled in the world of golf. You will get the latest game-changing information on: technique, mind-sets, tournament plans, training schedules, short game, evaluations, goal setting, and peak performances. Gilchrist and Huffman convey the training knowledge they have shared with the top players in the game of golf. Now this unprecedented inside look at top players’ training regimens is finally available for you to apply.

The twenty-five-day golf challenge at the end of the book provides a clear, long-term plan for peak performances. Plus, by applying the information in this book, you can develop the skill of making your own world-class training schedule.

This book is written utilizing a neutral format—neutral in technique and neutral in the training foundation. Neutral in technique means within the parameters of acceptability based on body types. Not too steep, not too flat—neutral. Not too long, not too short—neutral. Hands not too far forward, hands not too far back—neutral. And so on. Neutral in terms of the training foundation refers to the neutral midpoint between being overly technical and completely neglecting technique. This neutral foundation is based on a concept that regards personality types, swing types, and even body types; some need more work on technique and some need more work on distance control and feel. Plus some individuals’ stats show they need more work on chipping, putting, or shot shaping, for instance. You will see that it’s OK to vary, but it is important to be cautious of venturing too far from neutral training.

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