Trevose Golf Club #OneEyedTwitch Part 1

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Trevose Golf Club #OneEyedTwitch Part 1. This is part 1 of day 2 of the cornwall trip for Mark Crossfield, AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza, James Pickard and Matthew Lockey. See who can win this epic golf match and make the best score around Trevose golf course in Cornwall. Stunning coastal views and play this course is one of the best in the area.

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  1. I've been watching your videos for about a year now and I really enjoy them.  I'm lovin' this match play so far, nice birdies and of course Parfield consistent with that putter.  It's always nice to see Coach Lockey on the course as well.  Keep it up guys!!!

  2. Ok so this is like the 3rd time watching this and i have to skip the close up on Picard's eye.  Owch!

  3. Going golfing after a night of drinking and at least one of you has a black eye? I think we have the same friends but on different continents!

  4. Mark love your playing partners coach you of course Buzz an twitch a nice bunch of mates with a awesome sense of humor