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Trump vs. Obama: Golf Swing

We already know that Trump is a better world leader, but how does his golf swing compare to Obama’s? We know that Obama has spent a lot of the last 8 years golfing. Let’s take a quick look…

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M. James says:

I'm gonna have to to say the president won this one. Donald has a pretty good looking swing.

Tom H says:

I think both are not very good standard at playing golf I think both need to practice a bit more often.

Golden Haddix says:


The Chris Lapakko - The King of Earned Media says:

Didn't Trump criticize Obama for playing too much golf? Now he's playing golf at his resort every weekend.

K2SKIER112 says:

pgm, when u start out with an assumption, we all know u lie , just like tRump does

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