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Trump’s ‘Working’ Vacation (He’s Working On His Golf Swing)

Actual footage of Trump’s working vacation shows him entertaining a bridal party on his golf course. For America!

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AgentMassif says:

THis is so stupid. That suit is made for jungle warfare not for underwater camouflage. Whoever wrote the script is ignorant AF.

SPECTRE 182 says:

Trump is the best President we've ever had. Y'all brainwashed by the media #MAGA

Daffydd Kilby says:

Colbert the nonce!

B4 Trump says:

Does Trump sack his golf caddies if they disagree with his scorecard? Or does that only apply to his Departmental Heads? Is caddying the only position his family don't fill, just in case?

Basil Wishnewski says:

The Producerc Of This Show, I beg you: Guys, let's make it 1080p videos someday? 720 is good but not so satisfying

Daffydd Kilby says:

Shill Network

justmemadison says:

I think this country is better off when that buffoon is out golfing. We don't need him to do any more signing of useless documents in front of the camera; making our allies angry; screwing up our health care system more than it already is; cutting taxes for the rich so they can pay less than the zero w/rebates they currently pay; polluting our water and our air; handing the internet over to his rich buddies…the list goes on and on and on. Let's just be glad he's on vacation and let him golf as many rounds as his little, and I mean little heart desires. Thought I was going to make a joke about his little hands, didn't you? It's his little brain that concerns me especially since it's showing signs of dementia.

Chris Xavier says:

The White House is being renovated libtards

bill bixby says:

How did you rescue Otto Warmbeir from North Korea, Colbert?  How did you rescue Aya Hijaz from Egypt?  How are you defeating ISIS, Colbert?  How did you bring down illegal immigration, Colbert?  How did you add 209,000 jobs to the market last month?  I didn't think so.

camelshit says:

I say; it's very considerate of trump to not imitate his Russian pal and show off in a bare chested photo ..

Misha FR says:

Slovenia is not Eastern Europe.

前田源太郎 says:

Meetings and calls
Tweeting and golfing
Dissing and watching Fox and friends
Faking and lying

Man that guy works alot
He deserves a 17 day off(  ̄ー ̄)ノ

Fritz Karl says:

It's a shame that Hillary gave us Trump.

Goliath100 says:

Gonna give Putin one thing: He is way cooler than Trump. And smarter. And stronger. And prettier. And more fun to hang out with. And has bigger hands.

Scott Capell says:

No nads Colbert is about as funny as a 3 week old crap…..

Aya Drevis says:

Trump's next executive order: Bringing back primae noctis

vsboy 25 says:

We will defend TRUMP to the death.

Aya Drevis says:

Seriously if some dude shows up unannounced and uninvited to your wedding, it's perfectly legal to throw his ass the fuck out into the street. What's the law if that dude is el presidente?

BIHfolife1 says:

Soo what about all this shit with donald jr? Is all that stuff over with just kinda swept under the carpet? Seems like no ones talking about it anymore

SuperUbermensch says:

So who's Trump meeting for lunch and how often does he call room service.

Cinqmil says:

Putin is probably as disappointed in Trump as we all are.

Ryu D says:

Trump's on vacation, and I gotta say, man, we really earned it.

Le Touriste says:

Please stop posting the show like that^^ cutting in two or three bits is ok but 6 or more? I don't even see any publicity

Vans says:

2:22 I love that you can't even tell who's laughing ????

Jon Nowlin says:

I hate this…not very funny at all!

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