Tucking The Right Elbow in the Golf Swing – Do Not Do It

Tucking your right elbow – taught by many teachers. Using a vertical golf swing such as the PPGS, I want to give you a word of advice – don’t do it!

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  1. hi there,
    i saw your channel about a year an a half ago and was intrigued… the swing you promote looked simple … sort of childish and powerless… so i dismissed it without second thoughts… i was after an athletic powerful and modern swing …
    then my scores started to deteriorate and came from 6.7 to a 8.4 … become desperate and turned to gary edwin's right side swing… again , looking foolish and powerless… and practicing i slided into your swing… i have then revisited your clips and discovered that it really suits me… especially the quiet knees part and shorter back swing…
    i lost a club an a half in distance… but my scores improved week after week… then realised that although i lost more than a club … that was comparing the best shot from before with the best shot now… When i made a 20 shot average things looked different… i was half a club longer now …
    So i have kept the secondary tilt of gary's swing and the weight more on the front foot and the rest from your teachings… still miss the old bomb drives i used to get now and then but good scores are more fun !
    Still fiddling with a stronger grip and try different tempos but i feel more relaxed on the course and have no problem walking 36 holes and no more back pain … or left wrist pain for that matter …
    so thanks a lot for your videos and wish you all the bestο»Ώ