Turbo Charge Your Golf Swing – Secret of the Right Elbow

I you want to hit longer straighter golf drives this video is for you. PGA Golf Pro Bill McKinney is showing you how focusing on tucking your right elbow into your body will generate more speed in your golf swing. This clip come to you from DocsGolfTips.com.

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  1. hey pratt and golf machine…please stop talking as u know not what u speak of. If u drive the right elbow toward the ball u will get more power into ur shot..its just a fact.

  2. I just started doing this this some and it's literally the golf swing. I was show it years ago but did not understand it.i can free wheel through my swing and murder it. The caution is to make sure not to lay club off at the top and to hit down on the ball from the inside corner while doing this

  3. The negative comments originate from those that have a competitive position (I think). They need to reside on their own channel(s). I think the student here is pleased and I know I would like to see if I could incorporate this move into my swing…

  4. This guy is correct.  Ben Hogan starts the downswing with his lower body and keeps his right elbow in sink with his right hip bone.  It's like a right elbow/hip thrust.

  5. His swings look no different one from the other, don't see his elbow at his hip on the second shot. Almost identical to his first one. 
    Not until McKinney stands behind the golfer and moves with him.

  6. You are helping Craig to either create injury at his shoulder, elbow or wrist.  The elbow moves away from the body in the down swing when there is poor lower body stability.  That makes it difficult to keep the elbow close to the torso.  Your pitching analogy is way off!  I will be more than happy to help you understand the biomechanics of your body during the golf swing.  I know it is hard to accept, but the golf club is an extension of your body motion.  It does not move by itself.  Good luck!

  7. The right elbow move works only if several other additional movements are kept in mind. The downswing starts with an initial lateral move with the lower body towards the target. The spine actually tilts back slightly at the same time.The shoulders must remain closed during the right elbow move as the right shoulder moves down. The left wrist must supinate in order to square the club face at impact… This is essential if you're going to incorporate this deep elbow move… Otherwise the club face will be open at impact resulting in blocks and slices.
    This is an advanced move and takes a lot of practice to get it right.

  8. If you ever have rotor cuff surgery on your right shoulder, I'll guarantee your right elbow will be WELDED to you rib cage at impact.  I don't recommend that method, but I had it done 5 years ago and my game got better.

  9. For my last few rounds I've noticed how much better it is to do this(along with good fundamentals as well obviously). It stops that OTT move & power is way better. I get really mechanical sometimes but this really helps relax & trust your swing with that thought.