TXG Live | 03.30.2018 | Answering your golf equipment questions!

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser, Master Clubfitter

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  1. Hi guys. Looking forward to the Nippon Modus 105 vs PXi vs C-Taper Lite (or other similar 110 to 115 gram shafts) comparison review you mentioned in the 120 to 130 gram shaft review. I'm one of those guys who fits into this 110-115g weight category. I'm a 0 to 2 handicap and been playing for 30 years. Good old Dynamic Gold has never performed for me. 🙂
    Would be great to talk about how not all shaft "stiffness" ratings are the same between different companys.
    For example, I played the PXi 5.5's in my previous sets, but recently was fitted for and purchased a Mizuno MP 18 combo set. The PXi wasn't on the Mizuno shaft list, but went on the Mizuno shaft optimiser and it recommended – Modus 105X, ProjectX LZ 5.5, or C-Taper Lite Stiff. All in the 110 to 115 gram area. I tried them all, but the Modus 105X felt and performed the best – felt and performed very similar to my PXi 5.5's from previous sets to me.
    I saw on a forum from a well known knowledgeable "shaft guy" that the EI profiles of the PXI and Modus 105 are very similar. When the Mizuno rep said 105 X flex – I thought the machine was faulty? Me, in an X flex? Never! (I'm about 86Mph with a 6 iron – not long, mr. average, but straight). He even tried changing the variables in the optimiser like swing speed a couple Mph down, or shaft load settings up or down slightly – still said #1 option to try is the Modus 105X? Not even soft-stepping required??? No. Couldn't believe it? Anyway, it was right – I love them. The Mizuno rep and my fitter did say the 105 is a softer tip than the others the shaft optimiser recommended and the 105 is easier to load – the 105X really is like a normal Stiff in other brands they said? So I just ignore the "X" bit and swing away 🙂 Interested to hear your thoughts.
    Great channel guys – keep up the great work. From Jeff in Australia

  2. Just bought a callaway rogue standard . What do you think of the project x even flow combination

  3. Great YouTube videos, another big fan of the high handicap ones. Really looking forward to a full bag fitting when I get back to Canada in late April, down in Costa Rica right now….very different golf here!!

  4. Great stuff fellas best channel on youtube🏌🏻‍♂️
    ive just been fitted for mizuno jpx 900 forged irons in dynamic gold amt tour white stiff 6 iron swing speed 88mph. ive got a standard callway epic with aldila rogue silver 60 x, a friend just gave me a handcrafted project x hzdurs yellow 60 stiff which shaft would suit my swing speed best. cheers mick

  5. Great videos …have been on trackman and pro has told me I'm swinging my 3wood (105) faster than my driver .he says my driver shaft is to heavy and says with lighter shaft he could increase my distance !! Have just changed shaft to hzrdus 6.5 handcrafted 75gram,like this shaft ,has changed my game so much that right side of course is no longer an issue ..what are you thoughts on this…Thanks

  6. I love the looks of the new Ping glide 2.0 stealth. I’m currently a Vokey guy. Could you touch on how much more forgiving and hot these are?

  7. New f8 one length have exactly what you are talking about. Progressive head design faster face lower cg and flighted shafts. Good call

  8. I have a driver fit schedule using flightscope for $75 and I get a $50 coupon to use for the new driver. I can get a driver fit for $50 using GC quad. Which would you recommend?

  9. Ian, you mentioned TW said the Tensei White felt "soft". I thought the orange had basically the same profile but as the white (not sure EI profile between the 2 appears more tip stiff). But besides the counter balance do they really play much different?

    That's cool congrats to the winner of the shafts. I thought it was 1 shaft for the winner and you choose what club to put it in, but 3 shafts? That's awesome.

    Congrats hope they work well for you.

  10. The real question is Ian going to be sporting a moustache for the foreseeable future? It’s a good look 😁