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  1. Hi Guys great video! What do you think of the Nunchuk shaft? They say it is uniflex but I lost around 15-20m when using one.

  2. Hey guys question for you. I just bought a combo set of p790 and p770 . I got 4,5,6 in 790 and 7-GW in 770. Looking at the lofts it's looking like i'm going to have a large gap between my 6 iron and 7 iron.  Would you recommend me buying a 7 iron in p790 to fill that gap or going into a local shop and getting my lofts adjusted.  Cheers guys, love the channel.

  3. I live in California. Any recommendations on fitters around this area to go to for iron shaft and wedge fitting?

  4. Wow, perhaps some of the best content on YouTube!
    I’ve made comments / questions to you before and I’ve another slightly off-the-wall one… My swing speed is around 112mph at the moment (but rising from 108mph 6 months ago through training & technique changes, thanks GG 👍) and I’m playing an Epic SZ. I’ve bought some addition head weights (2g & 12g come as standard) allowing me to, I believe play around a bit more with the CG. Currently with 7g in the front port & 9g in the back port. Does this change the CG more than the two off the shelf options and have you tried similar adaptions, perhaps with lead tape?

  5. Awesome video as always…love to see more about putter and ball fitting ….what the process is and more general info on it, things to look for in a ball / putter, where to start, etc

  6. The question about Mark Crossfield's comments on shafts not doing much is a bit of a "Furfee" because Mark is a bit of a robot. In his tests at places like Ping and TM he actually proves that he can "Overcome" the shaft itself to deliver the face at his usual numbers. So it's not so much that the shaft does nothing, but more that a golfer like Mark can find his "Feel" and control anything he swings.

  7. Not been disappointed in any TXG content hope producing this informative content stays integrated into your business model as you continue to grow. I especially like that it's presented in a way that speaks to every level of golfer tuning in or taking advantage of one of your business service offerings. Keep making golf more enjoyable and friendly.

  8. Really enjoying your Q & A format and the amount of info you provide over a wide range of topics. Would like to see more live fittings targeting average golfers with lower swing speeds, ladies and juniors. Maybe even some outdoor fittings followed by on course testing once the golf weather arrives…great work gents !!