TXG LIVE | January 17th, 2018 | Golf Equipment

Answering your golf equipment questions live on YouTube! This episode’s topics included the PGA show, Callaway’s new Rogue line, wedge fitting, putter fitting and more!

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  1. I want to know the fitter's opinion on M3/M4 .recently on many websites. people discussed on TM is recycled and renamed Adams technology. (3DS face technology/ Velocity Slot Technology). Even want to see a stat comparison between new and old technology. Cheers!

  2. Haven’t heard you guys talk too much about the PING line since I’ve started watching. What are your thoughts of the G400 and what is new with the G400 max driver?

  3. Another great video with really valuable information. Also I'd love you to do a video with Mark Crossfield as 99.9% of his club review are numbers based and it would be a great test to see if you could improve his numbers with shaft change or something along those lines, especially as Mark is not a premium shaft lover. Now that would be a great Vid #262

  4. PLEASE open a fitting store in the Vancouver area! I will be your first and most appreciative customer!

  5. Love the format. This is great for the guy and gals who might be dropping in just to talk shop, but couldn't necessarily make it in. I'd love to see and hear more.

  6. Some really good content here. My question to you is why you chose puregrips as your preferred grip. Is it because they are more symmetrical (no seam) and are longer lasting? Thinking about using these on my set vs ACE 3gen