Ultimate Golf Bag Line-Up 2019!! Golf Monthly

► Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman talk through their favourite 14 clubs of the year so far!

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  1. Sorry, Guys I really can't see the point of this vid, surely the message that a serious Golfing Publication should be advancing is that if Golfers are looking to replace a particular Club in their Bag that they should get professionally Fitted for a Club that suits their Swing characteristics. Running a "Club Beauty contest" based upon what suits your games is of little or no value to Golfers who may well need completely different Clubs in their Bags.
    Also encouraging Golfers to replace every Club in their Bag is bordering on irresponsibility! If Golfers were daft enough to replace their Clubs every year, they would see virtually no performance improvements, year on year. Luckily most Golfers are sensible enough to replace their clubs in rotation every 3-5 years and will not to listen to the advice of two irresponsible journalists who are simply searching for click bait!

  2. Always good videos … why though in ALL In The Bag Videos all over the place … nobody talks about their swing speed in relation to the SHAFTS they choose?!?! Club heads mean so little if the right shaft isn't there…. Ultimate bag for what hcp is this video? Also distance between clubs … gaps…. ? But yeah …. like all ur videos 😉

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