Understanding Golf: Learn to significantly lower your average score without hitting the ball farther, changing your swing, or buying expensive golf clubs


I’ve known and worked with Philip Moore for almost 20 years. His latest book, Understanding Golf, is a great read. There are no gimmicks here, just an honest, straight forward discussion about golf and how it is best played. Over the years, I’ve watched experienced golfers improve dramatically through working with Phil and applying the exact ideas he has clearly outlined in this book. As Phil says, “When you improve your approach to shotmaking, your scores will drop”. Regardless of your level of play, if you would like to grow your understanding of the game and lower your average score, this book is worth every penny.

Jason Taylor

Honorary President of the Southern California PGA

CEO of the Lorena Ochoa Golf Foundation


If you’ve been struggling for a long time to lower your average score, you’re either playing to your maximum physical ability or you don’t fully understand the process of improvement. It’s the latter. While most golfers believe they have a fairly good understanding of how the game is best played, they actually don’t. And it’s that lack of understanding, more than anything else, that inhibits their ability to improve.

Today’s golfer tends to believe that lower scores are achieved through purchasing better equipment, developing a better golf swing, and hitting the ball farther. But golf is not about high-tech equipment, ideal technique, or maximizing clubhead speed. Playing golf is about shot selection and shot creation.

When playing golf, you’re challenged to select and create the appropriate shot from varying circumstances. The quickest and easiest way to lower your average score is through developing your playing skills: shot selection, club selection, intention, setup position, and swing focus. Developing those skills stems directly from expanding your understanding of the game itself.

Raising your potential as a golfer, through expanding your understanding of the game is what this book is about. As you gradually develop your playing skills, you’ll notice your scores steadily improve, seemingly without any effort at all. Understanding Golf is truly a roadmap to lower scores.

About the Author

Philip Moore is a golf writer, teacher and clubmaker. He currently owns and operates Academy Clubmaking, located at Goose Creek Golf Course in Jurupa Valley, California. He is a member of both the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals and the International Clubmakers Guild. In addition to writing Understanding Golf, he also wrote The Mad Science of Golf, published in 2007.

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  1. What a great, practical read! As a woman playing golf for many years with a low teens HCP index, this book has laid out numerous insights into how to PLAY the game of golf that has already resulted in some “Aha!!” moments on the golf course! After years of playing recreationally, certainly no one ever imparts the real insights into course management and playing strategy that helps you to get through 18-holes of golf in the most efficient and stroke-sparing way like this book does in…

  2. I have played golf with PGA Tour Pros, Champions Tour Pros, Nationwide Tour Pros, celebrities, Tour wanabees, hustlers, and hackers. But none of those rounds were more fun or informative then any of the 500+ rounds I have played with Philip Moore. I don’t know why he chose me as a playing partner other than maybe I needed the most help. But I’m sure of one thing, when it comes to golf I’m the luckiest man alive becuse of it. Most everything he taught me walking the fairways together is in this…