Understanding the Golf Swing: Today’s Leading Proponents of Ernest Jones’ Swing Principles Presents a Complete System for Better Golf

For the first time in paperback, this modern classic of golf instruction by renowned teacher Manuel de la Torre (the 1986 PGA Teacher of the Year and the #11 teacher in America as ranked by the editors of Golf Digest in 2007) presents a simpler approach to the golf swing based on Ernest Jones’ principles. Understanding the Golf Swing includes information on the philosophy of the golf swing (with emphasis on the development of a true swinging motion), the most thorough analysis of ball flights available, and analysis of the principles of special shot play (including sand play, pitching, chipping, putting, and playing unusual shots) and the mental side of golf and effective course management. The final chapter offers an organized approach to understanding golf courses and playing conditions. The result is a blend of philosophy and practical advice found in few golf instructional books.

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  1. Terrific Golf Instruction Book Am an avid golfer and over the past 30 years, have enjoyed reading every golf instruction book possibly ever written, and tested each theory in the process. This book encompasses all instruction ever written, in that it shows why each theory is correct, but only for the author. In other words, de la Torre shows and proves that moving a golf club in a positive manner using a swinging motion, will create different idiosyncracies for each person moving the club. Hogan moved it differently than…

  2. Best I’ve read…. I must own easily 20-30 golf instruction books. Everything from The Little Red Book by Harvey Penick to Butch Harmon’s Playing Lessons. This was by far the easiest to put into practice. His simple concept of swinging the club back with the hands and forward with the arms is a master stroke (pardon the pun). When using his method your mind becomes uncluterred and your body is free to just swing the club. I received this book about 3 days ago read it cover to cover and the re-read the…

  3. The Right Kind of Golf Instruction I was introduced to the Ernest Jones/Manuel de la Torre swing concept years ago after suffering through the “paralysis by analysis” induced by conventional golf instruction. The brilliance of this concept lies in its very simplicity. Jones took the emphasis off the use of body parts and positions and placed it on what really matters – creating a swinging motion with the golf club. Manuel, having grown up under the tutelage of his father Angel and Mr. Jones, absorbed these concepts…