Update – Golf Equipment

Missed my delivery. See if you can guess what I’m picking up tomorrow.

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  1. @jimbo1golfer Driver = correct, One of your manufacturers is correct, Japan because it is not offered in the US

  2. @ShooterMcGavinFan Heard Oban Devotion 6 or 7 would be a great fit for me, but I went a different route. Good guess

  3. @RoryMcllroyFan96 I just got the shaft so not a different driver. You have the manufacturer, but this model is not offered by US retailers.

  4. If I'm wrong with tour ad di. Can't find shafts that not offered in USA from England so hard. quattrotech or ad tp

  5. @jimbo1golfer thanks for trying to guess, we'll see the ad tp as more info is available, hope to get the update video up within the next 2 days

  6. @jimbo1golfer thanks for the comment, I can't keep changing all the time. On the other hand (not to give it all away), but this is the 1st hint of a showdown between the best in 2012 in this catagory

  7. @SupraTuner2323 GD Tour AD BB is not offered at US retailers yet, Cool Clubs is the one exception I found, but their price is over $200 dollars more than what I found across the Pacific