Voice Caddie SC 200 Portable Golf Launch Monitor with Audible Output, Blue

The new Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 is the most advanced launch monitor with a reasonable price. Designed with distance voice output, instant feedback via LCD display, and distance adjustment by atmospheric pressure. This will help you improve your game with features like loft angle selection, daily and overall stats for each club and a shot count and time display.

Product Features

  • Tracks stats for each club
  • Distance voice output

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  1. THIS MACHINE IS AWESOME. DON’T BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO USE IT TO GET GOOD RESULTS. Don’t believe the negative reviews. This is the best machine on the market unless you want to pay $20,000 dollars for not much more accuracy. I use it regularly and once I learned to put it about 3 feet behind the ball it read very accurately. You have to make sure you enter the right lofts for your clubs when you set it up for your clubs. It gives very accurate carry distances and even takes barometric pressure into account. It does not account for wind speed but neither do the other…

  2. it works fine, decent amount of fun Yeah OK, it works fine, decent amount of fun. Not exactly dead on accurate, and tends to over-read my longer irons, it was telling me my 3 to 5 irons were going at least 7 to 10 yards more than I would normally hit them even with the range balls. And the thing doesn’t have a setting for 1 or 2 hybrid. I use a 2 hybrid at 18 degrees in place of a 5 wood, so I set it to the 3H setting and adjusted the loft to 18. But it was definitely under-reading that, at least 10 yards on carry and total. So…