Want Shaft Lag in Your Golf Swing? 2 Things You Must Know!

To get shaft lag you have to understand the science behind it and why it’s so difficult. Once you know what you need then you can actually start to create shaft lag in your golf swing.

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  1. when you go into a golf shop what most people don't recognize is that the shaft is leaning forward to begin with on the racks. that being the case and the manufacture realizes that the shaft should be leaning forward , why not set up with it leaning forward!! There is a point of no return to how much shaft lean! i think instead of telling the golfer to lean the shaft forward have him concentrate on club head being square and "FEELING" it square. Focusing on the shaft and not the club head is not good (my conclusion). Feeling the ball hit the face of the club head! In Baseball its the barrel, in tennis its the racket, in hockey its the blade! IN GOLF ITS THE "FACE"!!! (club head)!

  2. Ah ha. By jove I think I've got it now thank you so much…. nothing natural about my golf swing I need to be shown every muscle every nerve fiber and what it needs to be doing when it needs to do it and so on so forth.. but I'm playing better than before.

  3. I'm calling out the bone with a thumbs down you freaking jerk go find another Channel LOL

  4. Just a quick question, is this lag mainly for irons and wedges l, or can this concept work for metals other than driver? Like 5 wood or 3 wood

  5. Good visuals but not enough tech here. To control the angle of downward attack is more subtle than that and that's the ultimate secret of golf

  6. This guy contradict itself in every other video . First he tells to use the bounce of the club and not lean the club forward then he makes a video for leaning the club on impact . There is some truth about his theory but he more moving parts (wrists to square the face on the downswings) the more chance to make a bad shot . You should never adjust you face after you start the swing with your wrists . I think this might work better for begginers like me if you readjust (regrip) to compensate for the open face .

  7. Like it, show what's happening on micro level so it can click in the brain "oh that's WHY the macro instruction says do this or that". Many will also find that you can make grip just stupid strong (closed face), don't think, just swing, sub brain will make the adjustments for us to hit the ball well. Sub brain sends info 25 times as fast as conscious brain, so we'll never think ourselves into a good swing because we "think" much too slow. Try stronger grip and just think "hit the ball low". Brilliant though to show us why pros "sink" an inch in DS, the arms won't grow longer, the hands must get nearer the ground to produce FSL