WARNING! My Golf Swing In 3D – Golf Nerds Only

WARNING! My Golf Swing In 3D – Golf Nerds Only – In this video I look with Dan Whittaker at my golf swing in 3D! Warning this video is very heavy on info!


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  1. I would love to have this done. I know how my swing feels, but have no idea what it looks like. I really gotta record some swings and look at video.

  2. I play of 2 (1.5 exact), and this just makes my brain hurt. I really don’t think this is a sensible option for the vast majority of club golfers, whether the concept floats your boat or not. IMO standard coaching techniques are adequate for 99.9% of club golfers.

  3. Personally I love the idea of analysing everything to this level. Certainly can see lots of ways to improve and find faults a lot easier than with just 2 camera angles. Might well have to see Dan over the course of the winter period. Would you recommend this for all levels of golfer or really just the high end player? Thanks again for the great content!

  4. By far the most interesting golf video I've seen on youtube as I've not ever seen someone go through the analysis of the 3D model. Definitely one for better players and would love to have a go myself having been stuck on scratch/1 handicap for 5 years and not being able to quite drop into the holy land of 'plus' figures.

  5. Does the dummy behind you have a good swing? Pete you lost weight, you are all skin & bones! ha, ha, ha. Just aim at the target, grip it, rip it, hit the flag. Ben was watching you over your shoulder. He said" Pete, watch this one."

  6. This is geek-ness taken to an incredibly high level and I love it! Probably of no real use to me at my age but must be superb for low handicappers and pros.
    Going for a cold shower now to calm down after seeing that all tech.

  7. Wow Peter Finch enter the Matrix. Thats next leave stuff. Year 3000 is here. You can see that the angle at the top of your swing has changed.

  8. Faldo would of loved this tech in his prime, wonder if it could of made him even better than he was??

  9. I’ve been following the Athletic Motion Golf’s videos, they’re using the 3D system to track Tour pros. It is a really powerful tool. Now we’re able to actually see the Tour pros’ swing movements measured, instead of just guessing from the swing videos.

  10. How does swing plane on the way up make any difference? Bubba and jt are steep surely only down swing is what you have to work on

  11. Love facts and watching really suits my learning style…….makes you wonder why more club Pro’s don’t invest in such a system

  12. 3D Analysis can be very useful for a Coach to analyse a golfers kinematic sequence and can have benefits for golfers of all levels. However many golfers (even elite golfers) do not want/need to be exposed to that level of detail. This is where the skill and judgement of the Coach is paramount, the coach doesn't need to feed all the info back to the student, they just need to tell the student what is happening and give them the fix. So just like TrackMan it is simply a Tool in the Coaches toolbox, it helps them understand what the player is doing in their swing, the skill is in using the information to help the student improve their Golf swing.

  13. whould love to go through this! But then again i would love to go through a lesson with you and a trackman. Dont have access to any of this in my close vincinity unfortunetly. If i ever scrap togeather enough money im going over from swe to you for some lessons !! 😀