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Watch O.J. Simpson Swing Golf Club at Inside Edition Cameraman 20 Years Ago

In 1997, O.J. Simpson swung a golf club at an Inside Edition cameraman in Los Angeles. It came years after Simpson’s acquittal in the murders of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, but he’s since been locked up for armed robbery. Now Simpson’s chances of getting paroled this week are considered good. But if he is released, will he at last fade from public view and live a quiet life?

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Panini Chowder says:

OJ is innocent

UsserError says:

man… they're lucky he didn't have a knife.

Pineapple bomb says:

Stop filming him then u autisims

Preston Joslin says:

O.J Simpson is the angry black kid everyone has in their class.

Imani says:

"OJ said, "I'm not black I'm OJ"…. ok.

Moto Tard says:

My man has always been innocent. He was framed and was proven not guilty :)

Kayies M says:

O.j needs the Bruce Jenner diet. A white male killer w/ a sex change, make everything better. O.j is never coming out. (17

anthony camacho says:

Sounds about black.

Macey Rose says:

They shouldn't be letting out a killer. Too bad it was for different charges and the Statute of Limitations has ran out. He deserves to be in prison.

buffalo youfat says:

bad or.j Simpson crazy



sidharth chand says:

Set the juice loose

Krissie says:

Bringing attention to this slime smh

On 2Wheels says:

Many of Simpson's former and current friends say he'll mess up again.

MrMJmusicLover says:

You're showing this 20 years later in hopes the parole board will see it so they can vote against releasing him? That's just downright dirty inside edition.

Jack Criscione says:

He swung because you prevented him from fading from public view.

IslandersGiantsYankeesNews 27 4 4 says:

Inside Edition is that old?

SteelCity1981 says:

he will never fade from the public eye. no matter what he does for the remainder of his life, his murder trail will continue to haunt him, because the vast majority of people still feel that he got away with murder.

Sexy Harley Quinn says:

He's not innocent, i know he killed his wife. There's plenty of proof he did. I hate him, he's a menace 2 society & i hope someone kills him when he goes free.

Nate Carr says:

so what bicthiessss!!!!!!!!

Saving/me says:

White women love him…well his money. Brave woman.
Yet the new woman looks better then his ex wife.

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