Why new clubs that go further than your old ones might not be as good as they seem…


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  1. Spot on, have a set of Mizuno. Pro originals ,eBay . Put some new grips on and I love them, get rewarded as soon as I hit. Don’t have to look up to see if I have hit a good shot

  2. 1:404:40min.. absolutely hilarious undercover footage reenactment. Being from Australia I thought you pulled off the Aussie accent really well. Why you decided to be an 'Australian' as a dodgie salesperson is another topic altogether but really funny entertaining either way.

  3. New subscriber, love the channel. Great video, also, manufacturers have greatly expanded their market for specialist wedges as we all try to fill the gap created by 45 degree (or less) pitching wedges.

  4. That's where the Ben Hogan company (recent) had a good idea by just putting the loft on the iron and not a number. That way you are getting what it says on the box.

  5. Thats why I love the idea of Ben Hogan Irons where they write the lofts on the clubs the whole way through like wedges.
    I play Taylormade rsi1 but only started playing last year and they seem to be one of the last game improvement irons with relatively normal lofts. 7 iron is 30.5 new tayloramde m2 is 27 I think.

  6. Excellent video. I went for a fitting @Universalgolf in Southampton (Tom Webster). Over 2 hours later I'd ordered my fitted irons and wedges. All irons/wedges adjusted for the correct yardage gaps for my swing. Great guy to deal with.

  7. This video is ridiculous. What is on the bottom makes no difference. The ball flight is key. If Your 7i now matches your old 5i and you need to hit 160yds, then hit your 9i instead!Learn how to control your shots and work on 3/4 shots etc.Learn the skill of the game and stop looking to blame manufacturers.Seems like this video was made for views with little actual knowledge behind it

  8. Eye-opening! And another additional problem I see with fittings is that they are mostly launch monitor focused. No outdoor testing from the turf or on the course. Surely that makes no sense whatsoever. Cheers

  9. I'm in the market for new irons and I am going to need do my research. 45 degree pitching wedges in most sets theses days means I'm going to have to tinker with my set up. I only carry 3 wedges at the moment but think I will need to goto 4 and either drop my 3 iron or 3 wood. Also means extra cost potentially.

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