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WEAK GRIP SLICE GOLF SWING get well, Mark Crossfield PGA golf instructor talks about how a weak golf grip can cause poor slices shots with your driver and irons and how it can affect your body turn. Mark helps golfers from around the world with some simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills for golfers looking to improve their golf swings.

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  1. Congratulations Mark Bolton… the only thing a Bristol City fan will celebrate about winning this year. Lol already follow you on Instagram Mark, and Twitter, and Facebook. Can't get enough of a good thing I say…

  2. You should get a lesson monthly for most players, if you are serious and play almost every day then get one every other week.

  3. G'Day Mark,….when you feel you can't solve your swing issues…….a lesson is a good way to check your fundamentals…….All Good Bruh.

  4. Take a lesson every two weeks or once a month, but only if you're practicing between lessons.
    Unfortunately, the frequency of my lessons are directly proportional to the amount of my disposable cash!

  5. I'm on the hunt for single figures this year, so putting in a lot of practice and having a lesson a month ish at the moment 🙂

  6. for us amateur's I think lessons are more for getting your fundamentals in place and then to teach you to analyse yourself more if you're getting undesirable results. great question.

  7. Playing off 4 at the mo .. If im honest I should probably have 2 a year to make sure everything is in order . got to be honest at 48 I can't be arsed .. beginners I'd say book a block course then have one a month to keep you on track

  8. Nice apron and nice kid-friendly tattoo. Life is good, right? ;>)
    Great point about putting yourself in similar positions as a test to
    make those positions seem easier. No one is perfect at golf. Thanks for
    the reminder. Oh, nice balls. Sorry, couldn't resist. ;>)

  9. Ok , I've really been trying hard to transform my swing that s off season. Made some strides with your help of f course but still not right right. I'm an over the top, standing the shaft up on my downswing tying of player and really want to hit some proper shots. So I booked my first lesson ever with a pro. I would say with all the videos you put out I have a much better understanding of the golf swing.. thanks again brah

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