What Golf Ball Should I Use? Trackman Titleist Ball Fitting!

We all spend a small fortune on new the latest golf equipment. Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers, Taylormade M3 drivers, Mizuno forged irons, the latest PING Sigma 2 Putters, but whats the only equipment that we all use on EVERY SHOT. The golf ball. In this video I test out every Titleist golf ball on the market including the Pro V1, Pro V1x, AVX, Velocity, DT trusoft etc on a Trackman with Titleist ball expert Joe. We work on 50 yard shots, mid irons and of course THE DRIVER. To see which ball in the range offers me the most feel, consistency… and DISTANCE.

These fittings can find out which I the best golf ball for distance, which is the best golf ball for mid handicaps, which Is the best golf ball for high handicap. which golf ball should YOU play?


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  1. another point, it was interesting that he didnt let you test the Velocity with your 7 iron. A higher ball flight into a green will help stopping, so you don't need so much spin.

  2. Biased towards ball that feels good off the putter. May be psychological but always find same satisfaction with rest of clubs. Currently use Bidgestone RXS. Changed from Srixon Z Star due to a local availability. Wrongly assumed Srixon had ceased to manufacture.

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