What Golf Irons are Best For a 25 Handicap Golfer AskGolfGuru

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What Golf Irons are Best For a 25 Handicap Golfer AskGolfGuru

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  1. Clones are not truly clones, they only look the same on the outside. I have seen and read a few stories about clones and what they are actually like on the inside. They generally use inferior materials and use inferior manufacturing methods. If price is a concern, purchase a used set instead of a cloned club.

  2. woteva6891 : Please watch this video. Then get back to me.


  3. I bought a second hand set of steel shaft brosnans just to begin with, that was 3 months ago and I am now wanting a new set of irons Im thinking of the rocketbladez max but not sure on what shafts, most of the time I tend to hit a tiny bit thin and have a heel of a hook on the 4-3 irons, the rest are ok would you reccomend the graphite regular flex shafts?

  4. Hey, Mark

    I have bought a new pair of irons it's a very well known set.
    It's a set of ping eye 2.
    Not much people play with these anymore so i want to ask you if you want to describe this set please.
    I have a ZZ lite shaft.
    and they are really amazing.
    So i want to have your reaction for these clubs.

    Thanks already!

  5. Not sure if they're still available since they're a couple years old now, but I LOVE my Callaway Razor Black irons. The offset and black heads look really great to me, without really feeling like a "super game improvement" club.

  6. Its all personal preference and what your most comfortable with, Im a rookie golfer, just started a few months ago(15 handicap) and I can not stand the fat chunkier irons, I much prefer a iron with a narrower top line and sole, I just ordered some Ping i25's 4-uw, switching up from my Callaway Razr x Black irons, which I absolutely loved just a tiny bit to chunky for me

  7. Love my titleist ap2s would not want anything different than them, i would like to try the rocketbladez tho

  8. Taylor Made Stage 2 Driver RBZ
    Taylor Made Stage 2 complete Iron set 4-PW RBZ RocketBladez
    Taylor Made Smoke Putter
    Taylor Made Jet Speed large carry bag 
    Adams Golf 3 Iron Hybrid
    Mizuno Sand Wedge 
    Projen 60 Lob Wedge
    Apart from the Mizuno Sand Wedge – Complete set was bought brand spanking new at West Cornwall Golf Club (2014). I paid well over £800 for everything, I will accept no less than £500 – Penzance – Cheers. ( Face book Lee Manc ) 

  9. Dudes, it's not about the club.  You have to learn to hit any iron soundly and repeatedly long before brand/shape/style matter.  That said, you shouldn't hit clubs you don't like or don't think you'll like.  I recommend trying out as many different styles/makes as you can WHILE working with an instructor and getting loads of practice and improving your game via fundamentals and course management.  Something will speak to you and you'll know when it does.  Skills trump clubs-always.

  10. Titlest 905 driver / RBZ fairways / adams CB3 irons / odyssey white hot XG putter. 17 handicapper, best set I've had but also like the cobra baffler full set