What Golf Swing Method is THE BEST?

In course of doing be better golf the last year I have seen a lot of golf instructors and a lot of people have asked who I like the best or what I think about certain methods, this videos tries to shed some light on that.

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  1. I was one of the many that had probably messaged you about your favorite coach(es). Thanks for posting the video to clarify why you chose Tony over the others. I'm going to one of Monte's clinics this summer and excited for him to pick my swing apart.

  2. What swing method is best? Umm…the one that puts the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes haha. The golf swing is the golf swing. It's each person's swing issues that dictate their "feels." That's it. Some people hook, some people slice. Some people hook then slice or slice then hook. I don't get what swing method means. Sounds more like a review of instructors versus swings.

  3. Tony's method is the easiest and the most effective. I improved so much doing those drills and learning to start my swing w right arms.

  4. Interesting video.. I'm a total Malaska fanboy so i'm disappointed about your choice.. Btw I found your channel because i was looking for more Malaska videos.. I do agree you should adopt one swing / coaching philosophy and stick with it. So go for it! Your choice was an obvious one as you seem to have a good rapport with Tony. From my viewer/learner perspective Tony and Mike seem to teach the same right hand dominated swing. My problem is Tony's swing philosophy is eluding me as I have yet to find the aha moment from either his or your vids.. Mikes vids on the other hand are very easy to understand and i was able to go to the range and make his swing happen within 20 minutes of trying. You even you seem understand Mike's swing better when you describe their respect swings.. Please stick with the varied instruction don't turn your channel into the Tony channel.

  5. Nice vid B. You have to be true to yourself and what works best with your own individual mind/body connection. I too have been plagued with way too many swing thoughts and have recently had my own epiphanies after reducing the noise in my head. For me it was an amalgamation of Monte and Mike's thoughts on preserving spine angle. Also, watching yourself on camera is a brutally honest way to look at all of your flaws. So far so good…

  6. I'm with you about picking a swing method that focuses on the upper body. Personally methods that stress ground up confound me. I find that they increase muscle tension & inhibit the free flowing follow through. This is what I preached as a former tennis teaching pro. Let me know if Tony L & you need someone to promote or even teach his method in the NYC area. All the best!

  7. I've accompanied you on your "tour" of viewpoints and think you made a sound choice. My own takeaway was a set of principles around which I'm working, which are certain common denominators to the teachings of several of the instructors: (1) Focus on the arm swing, not the lower body, and you will get a good sequence, especially on your first move down. A seminal moment was Bobby Lopez' recitation of the first move down as explained by 6 pros. Forget turning the hips–let the lower body happen. (2) The swing is rotational–minimize any lateral movement, ESPECIALLY on the downswing. You MUST stay behind the ball. Moving laterally (usually as part of a weight shift) means there is no room for the hands to take the proper path to the ball (as demonstrated by Malaska and others). The result is a series of compensations, including a steep swing and early extension. The failure to stay behind it, what Lopez called "offsides," is THE major difference between good players and duffers. (3) The proof of the truths of (1) and (2) is in practicing and mastering the Flamingo Drill, which negates lower body and lateral movements while permitting you to hit it as good or better than ever (and proving the truth of the arms as the engine, not the hips). (4) You have probably arrived as a good player when you can swing the same on two legs as you do with the Flamingo Drill.

  8. I think the USGA is applying a pound of prevention for an ounce of cure in situations like amateur status. It's funny you mention the Mid-Am – I remember reading somewhere that its nickname is the "reinstated amateur" tournament – so many guys who turned pro, struggled on the mini tours, then end up applying for amateur reinstatement end up in that tourney. Anyway, I think the USGA is hyper-sensitive to the topic of amateur status due to a couple of scandals back to the 50s – the Eddie Lowrey/Harvie Ward situation, and the Deepdale calcutta scandal. I guess it's better to be overcautious about it than going the other way.

  9. Awesome! I met Tony in 1996. Tried every method known to man and kept coming back to Tony Luczak. After years of begging him to promote his teachings and beliefs, I'm elated he's finally getting the exposure he's earned! Think we discussed this during our phone call Brenden that at some point you have to give your subscribers your personal opinion!

  10. I have been following Shaun Clement and he is strong on the Flamenco drill and the feet together drill. Tony is absolutly great and I have been trying to do the right arm strong drill like you and believe it is the right way to go. A session with Shawn would be a must watch if ever you can do it.

  11. I think any one would have been worth following–but I also think you must stick to one or go crazy with too many swing thots. For my swing fault, I really liked Malaska, Learned lots of good things from all of them, Thanks for the journey,

  12. I will tell you a secret of my success! Here it is, go watch a ton of the women's game. They has the fundamentals that will be more effective than watching the men's game! Keep it real, you will NEVER be able to hit like Bubba or Rory…stop dreaming.

  13. I've mentioned this before but what I loved about your channel is you weren't the pro but the struggling student taking lessons. There are so many youtube pros but this channel was different. Please don't change this into an ad for your private lessons/swing tips channel.

  14. EUREKA Brendon this has galvanized what I've been struggling with. I cannot express how much this channel means to me. I cannot afford to do your school this time but since you are the first Reactionary Golf Certified Pro, maybe I can do a personal lesson with you sometime after.

  15. There is no ggmethod. George has always said golf is about matchups. George isn't one dimensional at all.

  16. This dialogue only video was one of my favorites, primarily because of your unvarnished opinion of how these great teachers affected you. I saw Monte for a private lesson when I was in Irvine last August and no one has diagnosed my swing flaws and given me a simple focus point like he has. The flamingo drill of Tony's is also phenomenal. I agree it gives a real sense of free swinging. When combined with Lopez's reminder to stay on-sides it is very effective. You've been fortunate to have such exposure to some outstanding teachers. Thanks again for being respectful of these great pros but still being so forthright.

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