What is the Difference Between Forged and Cast Golf Clubs

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What is the Difference Between Forged and Cast Golf Clubs with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. PGA professional Mark Crossfield talks about the difference between forged golf clubs and cast as well as the features and benefits of using both irons. With golf companies like TaylorMade, Ping, Mizuno, Titleist and Callaway producing both forged and cast golf clubs in their ranges Mark attempts to help you play better golf with simple and easy to understand golf lessons, reviews, tips and drills. Dont get mixed up between your MP or JPX, your CB or MC irons and your AP1 and AP2’s.

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  1. PING irons, as far as I know, all goes thru heat treatment. Which makes them "softer" then normal casted irons. I personally prefer forged irons because of the look. But my kid play PING in the college golf team and they love them. So, it is more of a personal preference but for PING only.

  2. You didn't mention workability. Is it a myth that the "softer" metal of the forged club causes the ball to stay on the face milliseconds longer (after impact) and therefore imparts more backspin and makes it easier to "work" the ball left or right? I've noticed that when I hit my cast Pings the ball "seems" to go straighter than when I hit my Mizuno or Titleist forged musclebacks. And you're right, it is quite common to flush a Ping iron and watch as the ball goes an extra 10 or even 20 yards;(

  3. Mark, love your videos! Would you say that forged clubs lose their lie and loft characteristics due to their softer less rigid design, requiring you to have to check them from time to time?

  4. Check out the Mizuno grain flow forging videos for an example of forging. In metal forging, the metal is heated up to soften it, then hammered or stamped into the near-final shape. The biggest difference in a forged iron is that it's typically much more ductile than a cast iron, allowing it to be custom bent (for lie/loft) more easily. Cast irons on the other hand tend to be more brittle, limiting the customization options after it's been manufactured.

  5. When I look down at the club, I like seeing a thin top opposed to a wide one. Also, although casting has improved and I have tried my share of them….I plain out prefer the feel I get from hitting a forged club….call me crazy but after 30 years of hitting 2 million balls, I still get goosebumps when I watch the ball do what I want.

  6. The main difference is cast head shot dispersion will be much wider than a the forged head. In other words cast heads will never be as consistent as a forged club. Cast clubs steel is always cheaper and harder. That's good for distance but not for accuracy.

  7. With the new machines that measure the vibrations and sound, company's like Ping now can make a casting that sound like a forged. The difference is much smaller in modern technology.  Also forgings can get out of adjustment when playing while cast clubs retain their specs. Very, very close these days.

  8. Besides the process, the metals used are different. Stainless steel vs carbon steel. Stainless is harder but more durable. Carbon steel is softer and scars more easily…..

  9. At 4:51 it sounds like Mark lets one rip! I know it's childish but I'm a guy and I still find it funny. Sorry Mark, love your videos but you did fart there!!!

  10. First set of irons was cast but last two sets have been forged and I feel like the forged are more solid and consistent

  11. I love the explanation because no one i spoke to gave a good answer but you explained it thoroughly, thanks!!

  12. Mark, is that really your "full" swing?  My practice swings are faster. Come on man, swing a little harder. Great explanation of the difference between Cast and Forged. You can also adjust the lie angle (more flat or upright) with forged clubs because the steel is "softer."  Can't really do that with the more brittle cast iron heads. The hosel will snap.  And you can work the ball better (ball stays on the clubface milliseconds longer after impact) and fade or draw it more easily. There's a reason most of the pros are hitting forged irons. But then again those players using cast Ping irons seem to do all right (Cabrera, Bubba Watson, Hunter Mahan) .  

  13. great video Mark keep up the good work 😉  from your fellow bunker mentality sponsored guys at Golf Juice TV ;)

  14. I have the jpx800s and they are the 'strongest' club I've ever had, and my game has improved while using them from 22 or so down to 16 or lower at times. It's a little disappointing to think they are just lower lofted. The ball exploding off the face gives me huge confidence, so I can swing easier. Mine are stiff shaft. I'd like to translate to forged clubs sometime, but haven't found a set that feels as good (to me) as the JpX800.

  15. Some years ago before i quit golf altogether for a while, I showed up for a game (amongst friends from the dart bar) with my "rag-tag" old clubs (this was before Ti drivers-I had steel) and apparently the guys with whom I'd never played made some assumptions based on my clubs.  Seems they'd spent a fortune on their clubs and had been playing 2x weekly and were hot to trot.  After 5 holes I was 2 or 3 under, and they were mumbling and muttering and completely flabbergasted.  Seems I was the first "duffer" to hand them a dusting! 

    Moral: Never look in another man's bag, let his shots show you his way.

     Of course, I'm starting back now and will continue to hit those same wonderful forged blades-might even re-grip them some day.  Forged are softer and will accumulate dings from bag wear and shots (simply look at old clubsets to verify).  I recommend head covers if you want a set to look nice after some years.

  16. Forged for me always feel like the head is a little heavier, concentrated that cast.   And get a nice 2 yard extra on every shot.  This is me…