What The Most Important Thing In The Golf Swing Is By Ben Hogan and Sam Snead

What The Most Important Thing Is In The Golf Swing by Ben Hogan and Sam Snead with Gene Sarazen Houston Country Club U.S.A. in SHELL’S Wonderful World of GOLF A Shell Sports Presentation

“One further point, and a most important one, although I have never seen it brought out in any of the previous text-books. As the club comes down on the ball, do not allow the left elbow to swing out and away from the body. It must be kept back so as to allow of the “snap of the wrists” at the critical moment when the ball is struck.” Alex Smith 1907

“Why players do not turn on the hips is because of the mistaken notion that they lose power by so doing, whereas they gain this by less effort when once the movement has been mastered.” J H Taylor, Open Champion 1911.

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