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In this week’s Tech Tuesday we look at what’s hot in golf clubs so far in 2017!

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►GolfWRX Featured writer

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Stanters1967 says:

Good luck waiting for the sun to go dark…..beards will be grey by the time that happens let alone the Cobra F7.

Robert Dickson says:

Been looking for new irons. Either Taylor made ones or the Ping G. You have made my mind up guy's. I'll pull the trigger tomorrow.

Tyler Egan says:

Absolutely missed you two doing stuff like this. This was epic???? # eaglemoose

TJ Shine says:

I think I saw a ground squirrel coming out of Rick's beard!

Steve Atkin says:

don't you just love the way that when Pete has Rick on his channel , Rick always takes over…
so comical….
Bring back the MNGS

Danny Macpherson says:

Are you guys on a green screen haha. Nice background!

Steve The Pirate says:

At the start I thought it was in Ricks garage on the green screen haha

camillako says:

to do this video mid march sums up all that is wrong with this age of fast and/or false and/or non-news

Golfer Beaster says:

What about the Ping G irons?

Rasmus Hebrant says:

Rick, you have to stop smashing your hand in to your fist.

John Jones says:

haha love it guys, great video and love the honesty

Travis Hernandez says:

Do you all spine or flo your clubs

Dean O Donnell says:

I went from 19 to 14 handicap any tips on how to keep at this handicap or even lower ?

Benjamin Baker says:

Do a new second hand golf club vid!!!! Love the channel

jay rankin says:

I can't get behind Ping…iBlades are quite pricey for not being forged…plus Bubba is a ping guy…

ibass2 says:

Hey Rick…….you really should give Pete a chance to speak, as some of us would really like to hear what he also has to say. Just sayin…

unnervingfalcon says:

Hearing both of you mention about how some wedges like the SM6'S from Titleist don't feel soft didn't make sense to me. So I went and talked to my club maker and asked him about it. He said nobody should be able to feel the difference between forged and non forged with how hard the metal is. What golfers are feeling is how the shaft. He said it all depends on the shaft he puts in or what comes with the club. If he puts a KBS shaft in the wedge it would feel soft because their shafts are designed to make them feel soft.

TheRiverter says:

these guys look like they love dick…… a lot

Thamac15 says:

No love for the 716 MB Rick? You literally were giggling like a school girl when you were hitting them in your video!

jerry mccauley says:

Great info Guy's. Keep up the great job.

colinpearson2 says:

its a shame you chaps don't advise clubs you mention relates to high, low or medium handicap and also age differences

Pete Kenny says:

PING G are fantastic get them or try them.. was fitted at PING for these awesome awesome cubs love them used to have i15 and these are 100 x better

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