What we can learn from Jordan Spieth’s golf swing Masters 2015

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  1. Very interesting analysis Kelvin. I think the Left arm straight ala Hogans Five Lessons may not be the answer. Just like the image of the winded rope around the arms. 

  2. Any chance of a Charley Hoffman swing analysis? Would love to hear your thoughts. Keep up the great work and I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge.

  3. Kelvin your article on micro moves (Dec2014) was well…genius. Thank you brother.

  4. I still wonder your way of see supination. Left thumb doesn't rotate here according his humerus or elbow pot. That relation stays pretty much  unchanged except small passive movement that is result of the mass of the club. Also the extension is not active move itself. It's result of hand acceleration.

    Other parts of the analyze are pretty good. Specially that left arm bent mythbusting.

  5. i know you dont want to get into coach wars, but Roatary swings latest video says Jordan speith is stalling his lower half at impact which falls in line with what they teach, i couldnt see it and challenged him on it, am i wrong or are RS right?

  6. Don't like his swing. Didn't watch the masters because I knew he would win ( It was a fair assumption on final day I'd say.)

  7. Kelvin, do you do online lessons? If so, where could I get more information? Thanks