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What’s in my Bag 2018
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  1. Ping > Calloway! 🤪

    Nice set up Brodie, I’ve been transitioning from disc golf to ball golf, but find myself enjoying smashing the ball more-so than throwing a frisbee.

    PS: I actually love the Calloway Super Soft, it’s their cheapest ball too, but I’ve played my best using them.

  2. Your recommendations are fantastic Brodie, thanks for trying to improve my game and everyone else’s game. You can ask Kelsey for a maxfly golf club brush. I use one and they’re amazing!

  3. If you do go to Wisconsin. Go to Lawsonia links, it’s awesome. Or Erin hills or Whistling Straights, but they’re really expensive.

  4. Is Cam getting ready you for the your. Your progress is impressive. I was a club pro and golf became a job and not a joy. I've just started playing after a 4 year layoff.

  5. Love the vids Brodie! Let’s see a watters creek golf vlog. It’s a great course in Plano and if you need a playing partner hit me up.

  6. Will be trying to respond to all your comments! Thanks for all the support guys! Have a dope Arizona golf trip coming up and going to be filming a lot of content! Lets see if we can get 500 LIKES on this video 🙂